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  • Oh, no!! OT

    Did my grocery shopping yesterday and went to reward myself with my fave Starbucks drink-am addicted to Mocha Frappuccinos. They have changed them! Not good anymore. I am so bummed. I even sent them an e-mail telling them how I felt. Why do companies always try to change something that is successful??? Remember "new"coke?? Just don't get it. I WANT MY MOCHA FRAPPUCCINO!!!!!!!!!
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    I wonder if you could get a machine

    of some sort and try to make your own at home?


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      I have an espresso machine at work and at home and make my own raspberry mochas. My bather, who used to work at our local Beaners, makes her own cold coffee drinks by buying smoothie powder, whatever flavors she wants and chilled espresso.

      I love my daily raspberry mochas and I have saved SO much money by making my own. And, I like them more than the ones I buy at the coffee shop!

      At Starbucks I always bought a raspberry java chip frappucino, so I wonder if I will still like it?


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        I'm glad I'm not the only one that noticed that. About 7-8 years ago I started drinking Caramel/Mocha frapps, and LOVED them. Then I went a few years without having one...and then when I started getting them again they weren't the same. I've noticed that some starbucks are better than others. I've just stared going to a local coffee shop, they make great frapps!


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          Could it maybe be just the store you were at or an unsuccessful barrista? I hope they haven't actually changed it!
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            I don't drink Starbucks but my guess is they went to some cheaper ingrediants.

            A chocolate shop around here did that. They had fab chocolates, expensive but great. One day I bought them and they were no different than a box of chocolates you buy at CVS - same price. They changed distributors to save money I gather. I stopped buying from them.

            So buy a bag of SB from the supermarket and fool around at home with a coffee press until it comes out as close to what you had as possible and consider it a financial blessing over time.


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              Are you meaning the -

              Do you mean the cold ones you get in the bottle at the grocery store??

              Just wondering. I don't like hot coffees, they have to be very chocolatey for me to enjoy them. But I love those bottled frappoccinos (sp?). I actually drank the Mocha for a long time, then one day tried the Vanilla - LOVE it! Does not really taste vanilla, tastes like creamier Mocha to me.