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Another case of neglect and abuse (graphic pictures)

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  • Another case of neglect and abuse (graphic pictures)

    Another 34 poodles (standards) taken in a raid. Deplorable conditions.

    I just returned from the airport where I met some breeders from Vancouver and was just delighted to see a beautiful Standard and a beautiful mini. Both puppies in wonderful condition and so very happy and outgoing temperaments. Did my heart good. They are here in MD for the Poodle Club of America show this week.

    I knew about this raid early this week, but waited until I got more info before posting. Then to see these pics just makes me sick. My understanding is PCA will help with the care of these poodles.

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    I saw this also, here is the link for anyone who wants to see it:
    Says they are accepting applications now for these guys. Hope they all get fabulous homes! They deserve it!!!

    Have a great time at PCA, wish I could be there this year! (but, dogsitting for the breeder instead lol. She didn't get to go last year, and her dog WON PCA! Lol)


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      Saw this earlier, just glad the puppy buyer went to the proper authoritys. So sicking that these poor animals had to suffer, but in much better places now.
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        wow those poor dogs..i sure hope they all become healthy and find great homes...those pictures are just disgusting. i can't understand how people can do this..


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          Tears in my eyes

          Those poor dogs have been living a literal hell on earth. No animal deserves to be mistreated in such a cruel and heartless manner. Thank God and the woman that reported this crime.


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            too close for me

            unfortunatley, i was a co-owner on one of those dogs. I def had no idea or i would have spoken up myself. there's other things that are much worse than what what released to the media. I can only hope that I dont become black listed because i knew this person. years ago this was not what the house looked like or I never would have agreed to co-own a dog that was put into that type of environment. i have learned a big lesson in all of this. My 2 chi's are so spoiled rotten I cant imagine them in this type of place. i feel awful that i unknowingly took part in this abuse.


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              Those crates are just awful as well as the house and hallways they show. That poor boy dog with sores on his testes and the rest with sores and parasite infestations.

              Just awful people truly have to have a mental illness to think keeping dogs this way is alright and to invite people into this area to view the dogs and not think anything of it.

              Sad and very gross.


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                just read this and now crying. It's hard to accept that there are actually people out there that do these things to animals. so very sad.


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                  Didn't see "very thin and emaciated"

                  That's bad and sad. However, one thing that is hard to see is how these dogs really look under those coats. The ones that we see with short coat and the one being shaved do not look thin or emaciated to me. So I think they had enough food, but the rest is deplorable.

                  So one of our members notes that the house did not look like that years ago. Doesn't that scare you? This woman has slowly been overwhelmed - it probably crept up and she was either oblivious or going crazy - or both. (It's kind of like those programs on hoarding - they scare me, since I like to keep stuff and can't throw it out.)

                  So glad these animals are going to have a better life!! What a terrible prison they were in!!