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What's up with Goldens and cancer?

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  • What's up with Goldens and cancer?

    I have noticed that there seems to be more and more Golden Retrievers with cancer lately. What's up with that? Is it on the rise or is this a coincidence?

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    I wish I knew an answer to that. A very good friend of mine has her 3rd golden going thru an experimental treatment at the moment. I know she would love an answer, too. She has added a Toller to her family to relieve some of the reality of eventually losing another dog. If you learn anything, please share it.



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      It's probably just a coincidence, but they are still a popular breed and with that comes poor breeding in many.


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        I don't know about Golden's in particular but I think there has been a rise of cancer in dogs overall. Seems that anyone who has an elderly pet ends up with some kind of cancer and I've lost 2 of my own to cancer and have had a number of clients with dogs with cancer. I have a client right now with a Lab with terminal cancer. Very sad.
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          Cancers are on the rise in all dog breeds. And although I don't have facts, it seems like in people as well. There are many factors to blame, just a few are over-vaccinating, poor diets, household cleaning products, yard fertilizers and pest control, air pollution, etc., etc. I myself have lost 2 dogs (borzoi and a boxer) and 1 cat (ragdoll) to cancer.
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            There is a lot of genetic cancer in many breeds.

            There is an interesting study going on right now called something like "the old gray muzzle project." Researchers are studying a gentic link to cancer in Rotts - another breed plagued by cancer.


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              I just lost my sweet Westie to cancer 2 weeks ago. Breast Cancer of all things and she was spayed at 6 months old! Our vet said that dogs spayed before first heat have a less than 1% chance of getting breast cancer, we were just in that unfortunate group. It went from a small lump the size of a garden pea in her lower groin area in mid-late January, to surgery that same week and it was already in her lymph nodes. We tried the new chemo drug Palladia, but she did not do well on it and the new tumors were still growing rapidly, so we discontinued chemo and just kept her comfortable on prednisone and tramadol until it spread to her lungs and then there was nothing else we could do for her. On April 8, she lost the battle and I lost one of my very best and dearest friends. :-(

              She was 11 years old and prior to the cancer finding, she was in perfect health. She had her yearly check up with a senior blood profile last Summer and everything was fine. She had always eaten good quality food, taken daily vitamins & gluc/chond supplements as she became older, and had yearly check ups. She even drank fliltered water her whole life because I had heard that tap water with all the chlorine in it is hard on small dogs bodies to process, so no tap water for my dogs, only filtered water from the fridge or bottled water when we vacationed.

              This breast cancer shocked everyone with the sheer fact that she got it and how aggressive it was. When they did her surgery to remove the known tumor, they found 2 more tumors that we could not see. By the time she went to the oncologist 3 weeks after surgery, she already had another small tumor started that you could see and feel.

              This is our 2nd dog that we have lost to cancer. 1st was our Rottie at 9 years old and now my Westie at 11. I also wonder what is going on, you have never heard of so many people also battling some form of cancer, the percentage of kids with Autism has risen sharply and what is going on with kids and p-nut allergies? When I was growing up, they fed us P-nut butter sandwiches at school about once a week. Now kids are not even allowed to bring p-nut butter sandwiches from home for lunch or have to sit in a designated area to eat them because so many children are now terribly allergic to p-nuts... Something is wrong....


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                When I had my Lab treated for thyroid cancer a few years ago I learned from my dog's doctor that dogs have the highest rates of cancer among all mammals and that among dogs, Goldens, by far, have the very highest rates of all breeds.