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I love watching the wildlife (OT)

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  • I love watching the wildlife (OT)

    I have a family of fox that has moved in. The daddy, mama,and 3 babies. They love to come out and play in my driveway and then sun themselves. This morning I got quite the show though. I started watching at abot 8:30 and apparently the daddy was hunting for the family. I have woods on both sides of my driveway and I'd see him dart into the woods and within a minute or two he'd be dashing back across the drive with the fresh catch of the day. Apparently they are very hardy eaters because I saw him take at least 6 catches back to the family then I saw him take the kids on a hunting trip. It is simply fascinating to me. The only thing that bothers me is that all this action might be 50 yards away from my front porch and my standards go crazy evertime they see them and lately that's been a lot. All the barking and carrying on doesn't seem to bother them at all. They'll look at us and just keep on doing whatever it is they're doing. My poo girls are very capable of jumping the bannisters or the fence so I have to keep my eye on them all the time. I've enjoyed watching them but it's time for them to move on but I guess they'll go when they are good and ready. I usually get a family every year but it's usually in the fall so it was unexpected. These fox are quite large, too. When the daddy sits he is as tall as my standards. In fact the first time I saw him out there sitting I thought he was a dog. I've been checking him out with my binoculars and he is beautiful. Has a Pom face and mane and is red. The mom is plainer and dark gray. The babies are about the size of a large cat. Anyway it is enjoyable to watch the wildlife around here. We have lots of deer, too. They're usually coming through my front field a couple of times a day but haven't seen them lately. I wonder if the fox are scaring them away. Just thought I'd share.
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    I also love watching wildlife. I used to have a fox that would hang around my house. I also had a coyote and usually a family of racoons and the usual deer herd. It is so fun to watch them. You are so lucky to have a family of foxes though.


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      Be very cautious about those fox more and more cases of rabies have been accuring in the wildlife foxes are known to be on the higher count as infected.