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One week down, no smoking

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  • One week down, no smoking

    As many of us know, it seems many many groomers smoke (probably more than those that don't! At least from what I see.)

    I quit for 4 years before, after smoking for over 13 or so then started again for the past year and a half. Now I've got one week of quitting smoking under my belt. Whew.

    I wanted to post this because I think I've started being more productive at work. Granted, I'm still taking 5 min walk or visit breaks here and there to just take a breather, but I know as I get this under control I will probably adjust my scheduling. I'm in a salon, but it works like mobile - one at a time, so my one hour dogs may go to 45 min.

    I've often wondered over the years why it seems so many groomers smoke. I don't think grooming causes us to smoke - lol, but I see it as perhaps the people who smoke are more likely to handle being a groomer? Thoughts?

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    Good for you!!! You can do it. I've never been a smoker, but grew up with two parents who were chain smokers in the house and in the car. Smoking Stinks!!!!


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      Originally posted by arlaede View Post
      I've often wondered over the years why it seems so many groomers smoke.

      I've never smoked and have worked with more groomers who smoke than not; one being my husband. The shop he now works at two of the three that work there smoke.
      I wonder the same thing as to why so many groomers smoke. my husband would drive my nuts with all the breaks he took to smoke; in between every dog at least!
      Congrat's on the week of being smoke free
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      Apparently common sense isn't all that common
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        I don't know any other groomers so I can't answer your question but I will say that quitting must be contagious because I'm jealous! hahaha.... It's rough but I know what a week under your belt feels like---and I'm STILL jealous! lol Way to go!


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          Well done!


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            Good for you! I smoke, did long before grooming, so it would be interesting to know the answer. Keep up the walks and talks.
            ~~Everyone is entitled to my opinion!~~


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              Keep it up girl! I quit smoking a little over 6 yrs ago and I don't miss it a bit!

              Your right, now that I think about it, it does seem that it does seem like a large % of groomers seem to be smokers or ex smokers.

              Don't give up trying to be a quitter! If you fall off the wagon, get back on and remember how good you felt and how good food tasted and smelled when you weren't smoking. For an incentive, but aside the money each day that you would have spent on ciggies and after 6 months of "being clean" go and splurge on something fun for yourself!

              Good luck!!!!
              SheilaB from SC


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                I use to smoke from the time I was 14yrs to about 25yrs then I got married for the second time and he didn't smoke and was always complaining about the smell....what smell??? Shortly after that I stopped "cold turkey" as they call it, with the help of lots of candy and gum.
                I'm in my 60's now and glad I did then as for one thing a pack only cost 35 cents back then and my husband was right the SMELL is awful, ICK... it's on everything you wear, in your hair and on YOUR dog.

                Never smoke when you groompng as those dogs will go home smelling like ICK!!! and your health WILL be better, you feel better when you quit and never again have to worry if you have enough cigarettes for the day...and when is my lighter?? Get rid of the ball & chain!! You will be glad you did..


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                  Good for you

                  Good for you!!!
                  I quit 8 years ago, it was the hardest thing I have ever done but I am so glad I quit. Less colds, sinus infections, bronchitis and I can go up steps without feeling like I ran a marathon.
                  Keep it up you will be glad you did!!!


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                    I quit cold tukey 7 years thing I ever did and I don't EVER want one. What finally sunk in my hard head was the reality that I was an addict. I know if I have one puff, I'd be back to a pack a day. I smoked before I was a groomer.


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                      Thanks everyone for the support! I'm really glad I'm doing this, I remember how glad I was when I quit for 4 years - life is so much easier - flying, eating out, going to people's houses. If I can get through a few more weeks I know I'll be ok. My fiance and I kinda have a competition going on with quitting so that helps too! Course I was a 2pack + per day smoker so getting used to not doing it while driving, in between dogs, while walking, after eating, while cooking, while playing see what I mean It's been interesting. And after a few months I'll be able to afford my new thinning shears!

                      I've been trying to think of how to better put this than I did in my first post. I wonder if there is a coloration between the personality of person who chooses to be a groomer and the personality of a smoker (or former smoker). Not that it matters much, just have thought about it over the years.


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                        Good for you!

                        I've tried to quit 4 times now with little success. The first time was the easiest...made it almost 6 months. Not getting any younger LOL. Thinking about trying yet again. That Chantix seems to work, but it scares me. Don't like any kind of prescriptions. I am a new groomer, but an old smoker. Good Luck to ya!


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                          Congrats !!

                          This month is my one year anniversary, never felt freer, I smoked for thirty years. The addict thing is what finally gave me the reason to quit!


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                            Thats great! It's even better that you may eventually be able to adjust your schedual!


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                              Update - One Month

                              UGH! Now have made it 4 weeks. It's not easy! I still want one at least every hour! I'm sure one of these days I'll only think about it once a day

                              I stayed on the patch for 2 weeks then stopped that - kept forgetting to put one on after running and went 12 hours one day, said what the heck and quit wearing it. Not sure that was too wise, but am ok now. Had a few really really rough days at work, but hopefully in another month or so will be back to normal mentally.

                              Just wanted to put an update on here in case anyone else is considering quitting. Getting support from outside sources can help a lot!