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Injured my thumb today (long)

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  • Injured my thumb today (long)

    This is mostly just a vent about my looong day which was topped off with a hurt .

    Today I was waaay overbooked, thank goodness the chow and standard poodle no-showed because as it was I finished after closing. (The last dog is boarding overnight) We had 20 baths scheduled because all the easter boarders were going home and they kept taking walk ins..Grr! Well I did 10 baths and 6 grooms, one being a standard schnauzer that knew how to throw his weight around.

    Well when I still had 3 dogs left to do I stopped to let my dogs out back in the yard to go potty. My coworker was getting a police dog out and he got away from him, the police dogs board there all the time so they know to run and jump to open the back door and let themselves out. They can also be dog aggressive so not knowing how the dog was I didn't want to take a chance and I grabbed the speeding 90 lb gsd with one hand and grabbed onto a run to brace myself with the other. Well the hand that grabbed the run got pulled wrong and my immediately swelled up. The Dr. said it probably isn't broken or dislocated because I can move it around OK and it doesn't hurt too much, but I'm still worried. I can't squeeze very hard with it or hold anything heavy. If it isn't better within a day or so I will have to go to the Dr.

    I'm thinking about wrapping an ace bandage around it, it seems like the most injured part is the base of my and the part of the hand right under it.

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    Sorry to hear about your . Hope it feels better soon and the swelling goes down.
    "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."


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      Ice ice ice and ibuprofen. Get that swelling down. Well did you at least stop the dog from getting away? I hope so, at least it makes it worthwhile.
      No Fur, No Paws, No Service.


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        it's never good when a groomer hurts their piggys. hope yours is better soon


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          Ouwie your poor . Did you ask your doc what to do?
          Hope you get to recovering ok.


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            Thanks for the sympathy/support!

            Erin, I did manage to slow the dog down enough for my coworker to grab the leash and then my other coworker took him for whatever they originally needed him for. lol

            The Dr said to ice it and take anti inflammatories as well. It did seem better after I iced it earlier, I'll have to do it one last time before bed. As much as I like the money, I hope I have a SLOW day tomorrow!


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              Well, today was semi slow, only one groom and I think just 6 or 7 baths. I had nothing scheduled for tomorrow (wed) by the time I had finished so I asked to take the day off to rest my poor little . lol It's still swollen and is now bruised.


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                Maggy, make sure you are okay. Did you at least let the Vet know? This is important for Workers Comp, even if you don't go to a Dr.


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                  i had that happen to me once too....trying to control those dogs dragging you down the walkways! crazy! sorry to hear about your ...the other day i guess my foot decided it wanted to trip on the sidewalk so of course i fall into the friggen lava rocks...YAY for left knee that always gets all the abuse got abused even more LOL! id make sure you didnt dislocate or unintentionally break fiance broke his wrist slipping on ice outside his car, it hurt to move his wrist but he COULD move it...finished work with it...calls me to tell me he fell and hurt his then it hurt so wasnt swollen though! this was about 12 at night when i looked online and said well either its a severe sprain or you fractured/broke something in there. he didntwant to go tothe hosp. but i made him the next day...he drove to the hosp. and then finds out he fractured some small tiny little bone in between his joint and his wrist bones. go figure huh!
                  it started bruising lightly overnight...but it wasnt swollen (obviously swollen at least) really could have broken something and not know it.
                  id go to the Ehosp. JUST IN CASE.


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                    Houndlover, I almost did go to the ehosp, actually at first I was ready to ditch my last few grooms and rush to the hospital, but now I don't think its broken. It's still swollen with a little brusing on the palm of my hand, but the swelling and brusing has gone down so I think it'll be OK with a couple days rest.

                    I did tell my boss yesterday that I'd like to go back to doing JUST grooming because the baths are getting to be too much on days when I have a full day of grooms. Its a shame because it can be easy money, but its too stressful. I think I will add more groom slots to my schedule though.