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  • Austin, Texas Groomers?

    Hey everyone I haven't posted in awhile I have been busy getting the shop up and running. I just thought I would pop in and see if there are any groomers in or around the austin area that might be interested in joining me at the shop. I am looking for someone to split the rent with here. It is a great shop and I am laid back you could set your own schedule. You would get %100 of your grooms and %10 commision on any boutique sales that you make. I supplies shampoos, electric, water, trash a super location and much more. I am still building my client base but I would be happy to send any new Yorkie or Maltese clients to the groomer that takes this offer up as these dogs are really not my specialty. I posted an ad on craigslist and on the classified ads here but just thought it my be worth popping in and seeing if there is anyone around Austin that might be interested. I know I wish I could have found a deal like this when I first started this all up.

    I am kicking myself right now because last week I had 2 groomers call me looking for work. Had I thought about it I would have offered this deal to them but I didn't and I have no idea what their numbers or names were. so sad. :-( It would be so cool if I could find someone that I could build a good friendship with and we could go to all the cool grooming shows together. Basicly I am lonley and driving myself crazy! LOL so pathetic. LOL Just kidding but other then the dogs it does get really quite here during the day. I would welcome another human voice besides my own. I have been checking in on the forum here and there just haven't really had much to post about lately. Hope all is well with everyone. Okay now I am going to go do some more catching up with the forum. See ya later!

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    Um I'm sorry I'm not in Tx but pay 100% com ?? and you supply utilities and supplies? I am no wiz when it comes to finances But that does not sound feasible for your benefit at all just to have someone to just split the rent on your business. make full % you will be taking a major loss if you follow through with this plan.You may get more dogs in to be groomed but you will be eating the cost from your commission to to cover the over head of another groomer who will be paid fulling for his/her work.. not to mention insurances, comp if applicable . it sounds very much like you want to be benefit having a partner to work with but what your not seeing is how much you will lose by doing this with the pay plan you have set. I see no profit for you what so ever in this plan all I am seeing is loss. bottom line is you will be paying out of your pocket while the other is raking in the cash. Just something you may wish to consider before bringing in another groomer.