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    so last spring my grandma got 3 barn cats who were supposed to be fixed, well lo and behold last night the 2 females gave birth to 2 litters of kittens!! They are sooooo cute. I want one so bad, but we will see. But the dad kitty is so matted. I went out to the barn and I havent seen him around in awhile, but he was there today and I said tigger, u r very naughty, u got 2 gfs, and 8 babies to take care of now, lol. And my grandma said, yeah I knew they were sleeping together, but I guess they were awake for part of it. I was cracking up!!! Gotta love my grandma!! Anyways, so I just noticed how matted he is!! She asked if I could do anything but I dont know much about grooming cats. She is going to take him up this week to get fixed, and i was wondering, can she ask the vet to do it when they neuter him? She obviously is not going to be picky as he is a barn cat, but he is getting bald spots and someone has to do something. He is a great cat, but like I said, I dont know much about grooming cats, so I dont know if I could do it. I dont want to hurt him, although I do have a GH which could help, but still, if the vet could just do it that would be better probably. Does anyone know?

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    Well look for a vet who has a groomer on staff. Sometimes vet techs will shave a cat if you aren't picky, All you can do is ask. But I wouldn't attempt it yourself knowing this is a barn cat who sole purpose is to catch wild critters. I would not take the chance on those teeth. Let a vet tech do it while the cat is sedated.


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      What poodlefluff said!!

      I am experienced w/cats and I wouldn't want to give this boy a try. He has all the warning marks....barn cat, fully clawed, TOM!!!! Nope, be safe and let him get done under sedation, then maybe you can work w/him on brushing as he is growing out.
      SheilaB from SC


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        If you are gettimg him neutered any clinic should be able to give him a "comfort buzz' while he is out.