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    How do you get the undercoat out, so the dogs don't shed more after your done with the groom. It seems to me the that I can't get all the dead hair out.

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    Hi apitalia,

    Are you using a good force dryer to dry all the way dry while brushing out the undercoat at the same time?

    On long haired shedding dogs I do multiple things

    1. I brush them with a good slicker brush while they are sitting in shampoo.
    2. Use a good conditioner. Let it sit 5 mins and brush again while in conditioner
    3 Force dryer is your biggest weapon against shedding hair. do lots of flicking to loosen up any coat and brush while you dry
    4. depending on the breed I use zoom groom, master groomer 6 blade or furminator tool to deshed.

    This process usually gets most of the shedding undercoat out. It does take time. I charge just as much to groom a lab as I do a golden or a poodle or other small clip because to do it right it takes almost as long.


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      Keep in mind....

      Some dogs are shedding their topcoat due to bad diet. You cannot stop this. The owner needs to put them on a MUCH better food.

      If it is only "undercoat" coming out, it's not too hard to tell the difference on a double-coated breed. However, on dogs like Labs or Pugs or such, if they are still losing hair and it is their primary coat (straight hairs, regular length for that dog, proper color) then you can't stop it with grooming. A couple of ways to tell: If the Furminator or Laube deshedder does not pick up hair but there is a lot of hair coming out, that is primary hair. If you pinch hair anywhere on the dog and get a bunch of straight hairs, that is primary coat.

      If you use a Furminator or Laube tool and get the fuzzy, funky, linty stuff, that is secondary coat and you can keep working to take more out.

      Hope this helps for those smooth-coated, shedding types. Many of my clients have switched to Taste of the Wild and seen a great improvement in either shedding, or yeast problems (including ears!) or BOTH. Also they can buy a deshed tool and use it at home if they want to. One of my Pug owners is absolutely THRILLED that her dog's shedding has been reduced so much from her using a deshedder just a couple of times a week.


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        I just bought the deFURminator and solution. Hoping this will help with the fluffy ones. Can't wait to use it!!


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          Apparently vit E helps reduce dander too, but I would just use a finer coat king or like everyone's saying, a furminator


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            Please keep the furminator thing away from double coats, as for shedding, rinse in cool(not cold) water it helps close the pores. Good advice as far as diet.
            ~~Everyone is entitled to my opinion!~~


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              Originally posted by odette View Post
              Please keep the furminator thing away from double coats.
              I have to agree! I would never put a shedding blade or rake tool into or onto a double coat. They wreak havoc on the coat and achieve very little in the way of shedding control. There are so many better, more effective , less destructive ways to deal with these coats .Take a look at the last page of my site

              While i specialise in double coats and IMO humble opinion , i do a superior job on them....i am also very honest with owners and tell them that their dog will still shed a few hairs , no matter what i do.