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  • pet duck gone

    Ugggh! I am teary eyed.... I have raised two pet Pekin ducks from 1 week old. They have been amazingly friendly and have treated me & my son like we are their momma. They are now almost three months. Last night my son & I were playing with them. This morning one is gone! They don't completely have their feathers yet. I keep them penned up at night in a 12 ft x 25 ft space with a 3 x 4ft roofed house. I can see where the top of the chicken wire is a little bent down, like something climbed over it. I have a chain link gate that I can lean up against the duck house doorway so that nothing can get to the other duck. I am just sooooo sad....... Glad my first client isn't until 11:00 so I can cry for a little while.

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    Years ago I had peking ducks too, and something got one, even tho I had built them a nice house and thought they would be safe.
    I went and got three more, they bonded quickly. Now is the time to get them too!

    They were so much fun, we got them a pool and they loved it.


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      I'm so sorry! That's sad!


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        they sound adorable
        im so sorry you lost one


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          How do you play with a duck?

          Sorry to hear they are gone.
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            Sorry to hear about your duck. Did you read that we now have coyotes in our area, mostly up Paris Mt way, but they could be traveling at night. Last week something woke me up at 4 am, was a strange barking sound, (but not a dog) Have no clue what it was. I have seriously though about getting a pellet gun. I also won't let my cat go out at night any more. The story was a couple weeks ago, and I think a cat was killed and a sheltie was attacked. Is your son upset??


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              Aw I'm so sorry