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Grooming supplies trade show/expo info?

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  • Grooming supplies trade show/expo info?

    I know their are various trade shows and events for grooming supplies.. but how do I find out when/where they are? I'm in the midwest & would love to check out all of the cool products hands on, but it seems like the events Ive read about on here are all on either coasts. Went to Backer in Chicago last Oct but grooming stuff isn't really showcased there so there wasn't much.

    Stephen: There are 2 calendars here. Click Calendar on this board above, or

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    Hi ! If you went to Chicago then you may be wiling to do it again. The All American Grooming show is in Aug. this year. Just N. of Chicago and it is the longest running (as I understand it) I go every year and the seminars are great, the trade show is wonderful, it is easy to get to & not alot of pre-booking... it has moved to a new location (about 2 years ago I think) and there are lots of places to stay if you dont want to stay at the hotel where it is.

    Ive seen all the 'famous' folks, Jay Scruggs, Sue Zecco, I see Lisa Leedy and Sue Watson... wonderful excellent grooming done there and the creative? as I understand it.. it was Jerry who began competitions in it at shows...
    Id recommend it be on your calendar and plan on bringing money...LOL. Ther are always 'show special' prices!

    you can google the show to find out all the details on directions, hotel, show stuff... etc..