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Compliments are always nice....

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  • Compliments are always nice....

    I had a client of mine call me today and tell me that her vet came to her home today to check on one of her Poms that had a sore foot. She said that the first thing the vet wanted to know was who groomed her dogs that there groom was so beautiful. She told her and gave her my info and told her about all the stuff I do and how she feels that I go over and beyond for the owners and the dogs. The vet told her that she has calls all the time from clients looking for a mobile. You know what's really interesting about this story is that both of this lady's Poms were a 7 shave. I wouldn't have considered tha tanything special but it sure is nice for someone to pay you a compliment especially on a long hard stressful week. My client was tickled and so was I. Just had to share.
    "In a perfect world, every dog would have a home and every home would have a dog."

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    I'm so glad Robin. I bet you did a really cute face. You know what made the extra difference too? The dogs and the owner were feeling the love.


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      It's nice to hear when you did a good job! Yea for you!