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  • A lesson learned...

    I have my non-sporting grooming exam later this year, and we had a workshop for it last weekend. I have to groom a poodle, so naturally I decided to use my standard girl! My copy of the guidelines never arrived despite chasing them up so I never got a copy until I had driven the 5 hours to where the workshop is held the night before; with less than 10 hours notice I find that there is no time allowances for the size of your dog, and everyone gets 1.5 hours to scissor in a 'puppy' trim (not a show puppy trim, think of a scissored lamb/modern style) and then after that's judged you get 45 mins to 'set a pattern' (dutch/banded/t&c etc. Has to be an obvious pattern with bevelling but not blending ya know?) Hmm, small wonder everyone else was using minis!!!! 90 mins to scissor a standard!?? ugh!

    So from the start I'm feeling jaded, and sure enough I get the shape in nice enough (though still plenty to tweak on it), but the finishing on her is just [email protected] I feel total [email protected] about it too... I guess I'm just glad it was a workshop and not the exam (I'd have failed miserably!)

    Needless to say, I've now arranged for a mini to use for my exam in August. *sigh*

    'before' the groom, getting her bath
    2Click image for larger version

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    a 'before' pic showing all her HAIR!!
    Click image for larger version

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    And after:
    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    Her ears are driving me batty too. I knew this 'poofy' stage was gonna come along as they grew out (she was in a german trm 8 months ago), and as cute as they are I don't really like them so POOFY! lol.

    Ahh well, I've arranged for a mini already so that's sorted, and now I can do whatever I want with Paris' coat and style now again (instead of growing her back out for the exam) but I do wish I'd have known the rules properly well before the workshop so that the workshop would have been more productive for me!!!!

    As a side note they also added to the rules while we were grooming during the workshop, and seeing it's so hard to find a client now-days that'll let you do a banded style on their poodle, they'll now also allow for a clipped & blended lamb trim to be done after the scissored 'puppy' trim.

    Oh, and NZ is a *backwater* place for grooming!!!!! It's frustrating! lol. Cos I work alone the majority of what I've learned is through all you guys online. And the very large majority of you all are in america, where the sort of style [ignore my finishing] I just did on Paris (minus the band even, just visualise her without the band in a modern style trim) is pretty average for a competition or anything. But here I'm being strongly hinted that it's far too much exageration and 'flair' for my exam and I'll be best to tone it down for then....! They love how much 'style' I put into her (???), but they aren't used to it here so they truely did warn me that I'd be best to tone down towards the boring blocky old fashioned town & country style. UGH!!! And from my opinion, her groom isn't at all 'extreme' or anything, I consider 'euro style' to be 'extreme', not this! *sigh*

    Just as well there's this workshop before the exam though I guess! lol

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    You Rebellious Grooming Radical you!

    I'm sure if I turn over enough junk in the basement...I can find a picture of my Grandmother's poodle to fashion your proper exam dog after!
    (Shrieking ensues....NO, NO, NO, Don't do it! ANYTHING but "The Grandmother's Poodle's Hairstyle"!!!!) did a lovely job on Paris, and I always love your photos of her. You really capture her essence.

    Imagine what the rest of the folks thought when you walked in with that big hairball, lol!
    "Wow, would ya look at "Ms Thing"....she sure has confidence, grooming up a Std. poo in 1.5 hours"!

    Sorry for your misfortune...but I think you did really well, all things considered.

    Maybe when you pass the should look into hosting the workshops yourself.
    Often it's not what you say, but how you say it.


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      I think you did a wonderful job considering the time thing!!! Paris looks beautiful


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        OMG 4 Sibes!!

        WHAT is that avatar???? A sheep in a ginham dress????? Would you puhLEEZE make your avatars enlarge or something so we can all try to figger them out??? lolololol


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          So sorry, flyingd...

          Yes, you are a grooming radical, haha, and very talented.

          Your dog looks great. Just think, after your tests/competitions, you will go back to your shop and style your dogs the way you want, and have photos of dogs with flair and artsy trims, and can do as much specialty stuff as you want to take on. Have fun!


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            Originally posted by Debbiedogs View Post
            WHAT is that avatar???? A sheep in a ginham dress????? Would you puhLEEZE make your avatars enlarge or something so we can all try to figger them out??? lolololol
            It's "Sky" my old Sibe being "sheepish". Freaky, huh?
            Often it's not what you say, but how you say it.


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              I think you did good considering your time limit.


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                Oh no..not the town and country, I have to do one of those on a mini and it makes him look awful but his owner loves it. I always want to rush him out to her car before anyone sees him. You did a great job considering your time limit. Hey Australia isnt too far away and we like the modern styles...except for that mini owner!!!!!!!!


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                  looks awesome to me. I know what you mean about where you are being backwater for grooming. Where i am so many people just pick up clippers and become groomers that i almost think it was a waste apprenticing for so long lol. But At least you can be the upscale fancy grooming salon


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                    I hear you,,but I think you did very well considering your time and that crop of hair.
                    Sibes--yes,,that avatar is super creepy! ( I like it!)
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                      Oooooh that pic in the middle of the "afters" with her running and her hair is all flowing makes me want to snuggle with her!!!!

                      My own poodle (he is SUCH a boy) gets a relatively short (#0 or #1 length) German trim because he gets into EVERYTHING. I tried having him long and it just didn't work! It looks so beautiful though.
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