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Blending Blades & Blocking Blades

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  • Blending Blades & Blocking Blades

    Does anybody use these.

    Is the blending blade like a 7 skip?

    the blocking blade says not for use against the skin what is it used for.

    I also saw a wide 50 blade in pet edge what on earth would you need a wide 50 for?

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    Not sure about the blending blade. Blocking blades are most often used in grooming livestock, not small animals. A wide 50 would come in handy to surgically prep a large area, like on a horse or cow. Maybe even a giant breed dog, depending on what type of surgery is being done.


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      I use a 7 skip as a blocking blade. I didn't know they had specialty blocking blades


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        I have 2 blocking blades that I haven't used on any dogs. We used them when my daughter showed steers.


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          I have a blocking blade. It came with my Switchblade. I was told by another groomer she uses hers for #10 shave downs on big dogs, but, I really can't remember the last one of those I did.
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