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How Not to Get a Club 1000 GroomerTALK T-shirt

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  • How Not to Get a Club 1000 GroomerTALK T-shirt

    Did you know that hackers design programs to search the web for forms and a program fills out the form and submits it, without human assistance. Well someone has done that for the GroomerTALK T-shirt request form. LOL

    Today I got 20 requests for Club 1000 T's. All to be delivered to Eastern Europe except one for Antarctica. I guess there are penguin groomers down there but I don't remember them having Internet access and carrying on here.

    You gotta earn one the way so many have here, and we take this time to share our appreciation for all Club 1000, Club 5000 and Club 10,000 members who truly earned theirs, and those of you working on it!

    P.S. Remember at 500 posts you can request Level 2 privileges including more storage space for albums and 200 private messages and access to a signature. There is info on how to request in the Board Help forum.

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    LOL @ Penguin groomers!!!!


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      Thank you for this info...may I request my new 1,000 T-Shirt?


      Stephen: Congrats, but do fill out the Club Shirt forum available in the Board Help forum, no deliveries to Antarctica though.


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        Originally posted by RudyRoo View Post
        LOL @ Penguin groomers!!!!
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