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  • How would you spend this money?

    I have been hesitant to splurge on anything since my shop is still pretty new (less than a year old). However now that I am consistently booked a week out I feel comfortable spending a little green. Ive decided to take $500 and get something Ive been wanting since the shop opened. The list of things I want is pretty long but I've narrowed it down to:

    1. A Lips System
    2. A recirculating bathing system
    3. spend a little more and get a clipper vac
    or 4. Get my floor in the shop redone. It looks awful. Its ugly linoleum. The part that the clients see do not look too bad (thank god) but the floor in my office and the bathing room is absolutely hideous. (it was like this already when I rented the unit)

    Based on the above list, what would be the first thing you would get?


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    I'd get a LIPS or a groomers helper. Probably second choice would be a bathing system. Or you could make your own bathing system & get a LIPS or groomers helper. I just think those things will make your job easier and may also allow you to possibly groom an extra dog a day and that would allow you to have money for the floor even faster. I understand wanting to have your surroundings look nice, but as long as the customer view doesn't look bad, I'd invest in something to help you make more money.
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      Groomer's Helper. Make our own bathing system for about $50.
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        Could you explain how to make your own bathing system?


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          Originally posted by abandk03 View Post
          Could you explain how to make your own bathing system?
          Yeah, I'm curious how you do that too...


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            Lordy. Mylady can explain it better. She taught me. honestly, it OUGHT to be a sticky we refer to it so much. All you need is a sump pump, a kitchen sprayer & a GFCI plug. Put them all together & you have a recirculating bather.
            "We are all ignorant--we merely have different areas of specialization."~Anonymous
            People, PLEASE..It's ONLY a website!~Me


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              I wish it was a sticky!! I have changed computers and used to have detailed instructions on how to make one... that was last year. Now I am ready to make one and cannot find this anywhere.


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                I'd get the clippervac... I say invest in something that will help you groom faster, do more dogs, and make more money in return. It is well worth investing in things that make your job easier and faster. Also, keep your eye on the classifieds on this site, they pop up on there pretty often.


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                  this is neaneas version anyway:


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                    Or Both

                    What if you got a LIPS system or GH, then made your own bathing system? I don't know about the LIPS but the GH is $269 (but soon to go up), which leaves you a little over $200 still, if you're set at $500 that is. If the clients don't see the floor, I'd push that WAY down the list.

                    Restraint and bathing system
                    Clipper Vac.

                    Which do you think would make you more money in the shop you have and your own personal set-up? I'd go that route then.


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                      Well because I have been grooming for 18 yrs now without the lip system/groomers helper etc .I'm not awfully fond of the recirculating bath systems ( I have used many types) and I was not impressed at all with the clipper vac.I would be apt to put that money into something I know I will appreciate and be used every day. So personally I would do the flooring, I'm an old school groomer and not easy to change my ways .Saving time to me doesn't matter if I cannot get the desired effect I strive for in the finished product.However if your environment doesn't meet your standards either you may find that improving those will also improve your moods.


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                        groomer's helper

                        I would love to have a groomer's helper... never used one, but I think It would really come in handy. I have bought many things lately but only cause I need one... I just bought a recirculating bathing system, but only because i'm going to start grooming on other people's homes, and that seems like the practical thing to do, so i don't have to do the bucket rinse thing...

                        I'm not a big fan of the lips system... seems a bit extreme to me... i think it would take me longer to hook the dogs up than to just suck it up and get the job done.

                        I think i'm going to take my recirculating bathing system into tho local home building store and say... If you were going to make one these, what would you use? They would go get all the parts for me, and i'll have a back-up.. in case anything happens to mine.


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                          Taxi Vac is supposedly way more hardy than a clipper vac.

                          Edit: I have had trouble with my "y" key. I meant to say HARDY.
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                          People, PLEASE..It's ONLY a website!~Me


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                            It's very easy.
                            Buy a 1/4-1/6 HP utility/sump pump
                            buy a 6-10ft garden hose
                            hook hose to pump
                            buy roll of plastic window screen and cut piece to fit
                            attach with rubber band
                            I like a rain nozzle at the end, some use a firemans nozzle. Triied a fan sprayer and it affected the water pressure.
                            Use a GFCI switch. Mine is plugged into an outlet with a wall switch. You can buy GFCI converters with on/off switches built in

                            VOILA and have fun

                            ps-replace window screen as needed
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                              Redo Floor and Make Your Own Recirculating System

                              I made my own about 5 days ago for under $40. I need to get a foot switch still, so all together will be about $60. Well worth it IMO.
                              If your floor is that ugly and it bothers you it could affect your mood and how you feel about your surroundings.
                              You should be proud of your attractive/functional workspace.