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Laube Warranty Policy

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  • Laube Warranty Policy

    I have posted a PDF on the front page of "The Blade Guyz" website covering the "Laube Warranty" that you can download and keep on hand for reference. Click our banner and go there.

    There is a specific criteria that needs to be met to have your Laube equipment serviced under warranty:

    The first and most important criteria is mailing in your warranty card as soon as you can after purchasing your Laube equipment. If they don't have your card on file, and the other information requested, they may refuse to fix your stuff and send it right back to you.

    This policy is not new, they are just going to start utilizing it now. Laube has been very nice so far by fixing equipment without the necessary paperwork and we appreciate that. So now, lets get those warranty cards mailed in and make sure your equipment is covered if it needs repair.