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  • Bed Bugs??

    Had a client call me yesterday to schedule an appointment. She said her apartment complex is infested with BED BUGS! She said she picked one off her white poodle and asked if I could use something to kill any that might be on him. I told her that I could give him a good soak in f&t shampoo as that usually takes care of anything. She keeps Advantage on the dog year round. I really don't have any experience with these critters...any advice would be appreciated.

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    We had a similar story, and decided to call the lady's vet for advice. He told us that even he wasn't sure if f&t shampoo would work but that if we saw them on the dog it was probably our best option. Topical and systemic f&t stuff wont do much good against them. Basically, a really really good bath if you haven't seen any on the dog, and a f&t bath if you have is the best you can do. They'll climb right back on when she brings the dog home though, so the "war" should start there.

    I would definitely talk to her vet, they might have better info than the one I talked to though.


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      If I remember right.. Bedbugs don't really like dogs and cats. If they can't find a human, they WILL bite dogs and cats, but they prefer humans.

      Dogs and cats are not good hosts for bedbugs..they wont stay on them . I don't think they even stay on humans...they bite at night then crawl back into their little crevices.

      Pyrethrins work on bedbugs but the spot treatments (frontline ect) do not.


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        Pyrethrins will kill bed bugs so will Isopropyl Alcohol. However Im wouldnt recommend either one. I personally would treat it like fleas and just do a Dawn soak and then a reg F/T shampoo as bedbugs are nocturnal and unlike fleas shouldnt be hanging out on the dog.


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          Or, the lady is really confused and thinks bedbugs are actually fleas. I wouldn't normally have such an opinion of people, but after the last couple of days, I'm about sick of dealing w/ people who are a far cry from the brightest crayon in the box.
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            The dog came in this morning and I didn't see anything at all on him. He's a white mini poodle so I think I would have seen something if they were there. I did immediately put the dog in the tub and soak for a few minutes in f&t just in case. The lady told me that the apartment complex has exterminated several times and that she's keeping her clothes in plastic bags for now. I can't imagine!