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Someone needs to tell Revwind to quit grooming

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  • Someone needs to tell Revwind to quit grooming

    and tell her to start making candy full time. OMG, SHE MAKES THE MOST AWESOME CHOCOLATE. I ate 2 boxes on the way home from Intergroom.
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    I agree. RevWind better build that kitchen she was telling me about. I had some of her chocolate too. It was superb!


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      I have to laugh...reading this. Remember, she made the chocolate huskies and choc/mint pawprints to be used on the cake for my friend?

      Well I sent her an email telling her that after the initial "cake cutting"...and it was a huge cake, every time I walked past the remainder of it over the next hour+...more and more huskies and pawprints were MIA. Plenty of cake was still there, but adults were obviously "snitching" the candy off it. It was so juvenile and kinda tacky...but I figured if grown-ups were resorting to a 6 yr. old's antics...that chocolate was every bit as good as the piece I snitched BEFORE the cake was made.

      Now, of course, I have to post the pictures again... Those were GREAT candies Rev!
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        Please don't! The last thing I need is something irresistable and fattening available to me more often! Now, if she can make them fat and calorie free yet taste just as good.....
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