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First bichon and attempt at coloring

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  • First bichon and attempt at coloring

    Here is a picture of my first bichon groom and note the little red heart on his side. This was my first attempt at coloring lol. I have groomed him once since this picture and I am trying to get his head nice and round but the owner says it is matting under his ears. In my JM bicon video it says to never lift and trim under the ear because you will lose fullness but I am wondering if it is getting too long under there and that is why it is matting. Any tips for how to do a nice bicon head and go ahead and critique the groom as well. Always love constructive criticism! Thanks guys.
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    looks cute- you have to sometimes modify styles from breed to pet.. I have several that i will lift and trim under the ear a bit shorter. I blend it from the cheeks to keep it round. They are the ones who are always matted or the ones who dont like brushing..It took some practice- but the heads are still round and they arent all matted when they come in for the next visit..happy grooming


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      This is one of my clients this a shorter version of the Bichon 1st trim.. I do thin out the hair under the ears to avoid matting also to add shape the 3rd photo is the very same dog.The main issue I am seeing in your groom is the curls in the coat for a better finish its best to straighten the hair prior to cutting. once you have straightened the hair you will find it much easier to balance the style. As requested by my client and the breeder I do trim around the mouth(lips) very short. To do this I lift the hair up and shell out the lip area(scissor very carfully), this helps keep the hair out of the dogs mouth but as you can see it does not alter the appearance of the round face..
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        I watched a lady at APF do a demo on a Bichon, (I belive it was Sue Zecco), she started under the chin and worked up to form the round face. She was awsome!!! Her scissors were going 100 miles per hr and she never made a miss snip. Something I still have have problems with if I try to go fast,,lol. Anyhoo, I have tried her method on all round faces, not just Bichons and it has really helped me, it's so much easier to do it her way. You might want to find a dvd of her doing Bichon faces.


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          I always clip under the ears , I know youre not "supposed" to but thats the first place they matt up. People automatically rub dogs ears and therefore unless you are coming to me regularly and I KNOW your dog isnt gonna matt up then I clip where needed to avoid future problems.


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            This isn't really criticism

            cause for all we know, the clients asked for him to look like that, but I LOVE the little heart on him. Was it hard to do, getting the coloring in exactly the right places, and on an afro like that?

            Anyway, he looks just like a little care bear Awesome idea!


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              I have about 6 Bichons that are newer clients. All of them came as referrals from a lady that has 2 Bichons that I "try" to keep in Bichon cut. Jacques and Henri are in every 4 weeks and the owner keeps them in immaculate condition. I assumed I would be able to do the same cut with the new dogs, but I quickly learned that not all Bichons can be kept that long. Two of them I finally had to give up giving any kind of full neck, it was matted every time. I've compromised and I use the same length on the body right up to behind the ears and the occiput. The head is shorter, like a teddy bear head, but I still blend the ears in. With these dogs I use the equivilant of a #5 on the body and 1/2" Clip on on the legs.

              It's all a matter of finding what length will work for the dog and the owner.

              Good luck!
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