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Can you do a poodle cut on him?

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  • Can you do a poodle cut on him?

    Was what my mom asked me about her 22 pound Maine Coon last night. I had visions of Catwoman's Monica with all the bands shaved into her legs. Hmmmm. As she kept talking, I realized she wanted what I would refer to as a "kitten clip"- she wants his pantaloons and tummy shortened some, but not shaved. Now, I only see this cat twice a year, so how exactly he is going to take to being clipped is anyone's guess. He growled at mom for giving him his meds last time I saw him.
    But I really thought my mom had gone off the deep end when she asked if I could do a poodle clip on Oreo.
    I am going to send her a picture of one in a poodle clip, lol.

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    Good luck with the "clean feet 'n' face" part! Oh, and post some pics if you decide to take the plunge...
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