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Scheduling conflicts??

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  • Scheduling conflicts??

    (kind of a rant!!) I'm afraid it might be time for me to leave my grooming job..the worse part is i cannot find anyone looking for groomers in my area!!!
    Where i work they hired me KNOWING that i am not going to be able to work 50% of weekends (for my own business) i always ask off (at the very least) a 2 months ahead of time..
    Now all of the sudden the other groomer is complaining because she doesn't want to work weekends anymore...(and i think the manager agrees that she should not have to work most of them..most of the time it's only two weekends of a month i can't work!) I understand working weekends is not the funnest thing..but they knew this when hiring me?
    they basically left us to make the schedule..which i am not fond of since we normally try to figure out days ahead of you think you are working certain days then all the sudden they want to switch...
    so question:
    how do you handle schedules, do you (as groomers) make the schedule or does your boss make the schedule? How do you handle requests for weekends(days) off?

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    it really depends...

    We work when we want to work... If we don't schedule dogs, we don't make money. We try to make sure there is someone in every day we are open, but if it doesn't happen, it doesn't happen. The clients are only going to show up when they have an appointment. The only time it could be an issue is if someone stops by to make an appointment, instead of phoning in, but we always put a sign up that just says sorry, the grooming dept is closed today, the groomers are back in on ____________.

    And we tell all the people who call or ask about nail trimming that it's a drop in, we are typically here mon-sat from ____to____ but they should call first just to double check someone is available.

    if the boss feels there should be a groomer in the shop everyday, from a certain time to a certain time... etc... then they should set the schedule... if they don't mind that you aren't there all the time... set your own schedules.


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      well right now I work alone. my shop. my time. if I want a day off, I dont schedule anything. I used to work at a shop with 3 other groomers. we had an appointment book with columns. each groomer had a column. we circled the time slots we wanted dogs scheduled in. if we needed days off, we didnt circle times for that day. we only scheduled dogs and cats for the time slots circled. each groomer had an opportunity to add dogs if they called for same day. I was part time, with another job, so I usually worked every weekend. I only groom by appointment now. no walk ins. unless its a regular customer and then only an emergency. ie; skunk spray, stepped in tar, etc. there is another shop near me, they have I think 5 groomers, there open 6 days, and they will take anyone who walks through the door. no thank you. If you are looking for a new salon, I hope you find one to your liking. hope to see you at all american..


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        I work for corp part time ,I let them know what days and hours I am available to work so my hours are set to my needs.


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          I am the only groomer in a vet hosp salon. If I want a sat off, I just don't book any dogs that day and block the slots off so no one else does either. I take the last sat of every month off at least.