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  • Swessnchow

    How did the show go? Hated to not meet you but that trip was a one day affair for me. Fell us in when you can.
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    Show went great. My guys showed Saturday and Sunday, and I missed the ring time both days. Thank goodness for handlers that can take care of things for you. I was off on an adventure with one of my girls to visit a "back-up" stud dog when the originally planned dog became unavailable at the last minute!

    At the show, two of my girls each got majors. First major for one of them, and the third major for the other, bringing the latter to 13 points. As her name is "Jinx" I'm a little concerned with the 13 points thing, but am trying to have faith it won't be a bad omen. I wasn't impressed when my dear friend named her Jinx! My boy "Punch" took Best of Winners/Best of Breed on Saturday for a major over the girls and we held him out of the show on Sunday so he wouldn't finish so he can show as a class dog at our upcoming National. While I don't really expect him to win at the National, he is way too young to be competative as a special, so I didn't want to finish his Championship yet. Not to mention as my handler will be showing my special, I don't want to have to show Punch myself! Keeping Punch in the classes, my handler can show him too.