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Sully at the show

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  • Sully at the show

    If you see a big black shappy "thing" at the German Red Clipper booth Saturday (today) that will be my boy Sully. And you can take a look and try to guess his breed! Even though his papers say Standard Poodle LOL. Hopefulyl he behaves for Daryl. He's all clean and ready for his close up!
    What a caterpillar considers the end of his world, we call a butterfly.

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    Pix, please!!!! We want to see your Sully before AND after! Have fun!!



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      I saw Mr. Sully today and he was a perfect angel! Daryl gave him a fall so he looked very handsome!


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        Awww I thought you were talking about Sully from Godsmack, made me look, lol. Glad he was good for his demo!


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          I had the pleasure of meeting "wet nose" & "my lady" at Jodi Murphy's booth today @ Intergroom.... even though for only a minute to say "hi".....It made me feel really good to feel connected to a body & face & "real human"..... (BIG SMILE!)


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            It's so fun much fun to get together. That's one of the reasons why I enjoy the shows so much!


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              Well, let's see, at the show I heard

              "Now THAT is a Bouvier"

              "Is that a Black Russian Terrier?"

              "Wow, a Poodle/Irish Wolfhound mix!"

              "What IS that?" (LOL)

              "Look at that Giant Schnauzer"

              And when I told someone he had papers saying he was full Standard Poodle
              "Do you use them to line your birdcage?" LOL, I would if I still had birds!
              What a caterpillar considers the end of his world, we call a butterfly.