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any seasonal groomers?

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  • any seasonal groomers?

    do any of you work or hire seasonal groomers? for summer or holiday times?

    it looks like i'm going to be moving out of country, and i'm planning on coming back and working for the summer and/or x-mas to make some $$ and visit etc.

    if any of you do this or know of someone who needs this kind of help please give me some info. i would either be in so cal, north la county. or central fl., brevard county or around orlando close to titusville.

    of course the only drawback would be that i won't have groomed since the last time i was here

    not looking forward to not being a groomer anymore

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    How come you arent going to groom when you move? I do know some one who hires an extra groomer around x-mas time, but she is in Washington state. I don't think I could go without grooming inbetween. Good luck with that.