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  • Personal Update!

    It's been a rough/confusing couple of years... I've posted a few threads about my business, and personal life... and I thought I would share an update.

    I'm very very close to starting a housecall business. I decided to go that route, and work evenings and weekends, so i can be home during the day with my kids. I am very excited, and a little nervous. I have almost everything I need... I just need a new carrying case, cause the one I have is falling apart... I need to get my brochure's printed and sent out, and I'm waiting for my luxury spa bathing system to show up.

    I should be able to get my brochures sent out by the end of next week, and i'll be available to start taking appointments as of May 4th. (i'll wait until after the obedience trial the weekend before, hehe)

    I'm still going to be working at the salon until the business takes off... i'm just hoping it takes off... I have a few people interested already. I have one client for sure lined up, I just have to call her when i'm organized and she's going to book her next appointment at home. I just hope people here are receptive to the idea and it does well...

    My prices aren't rediculous. I'm basically keeping everything the same and adding a $15 housecall charge. So I can't see people avoiding it because of the cost. I'm offering other special services... I figure I'll go into the home, greet the client and the pet, hand them my "menu" and go out and get my stuff, and they can decide if they want any add on services or just the basic. I've been grooming all my dogs start to finish for practice. hehe

    My shampoos are here, I have hair catchers for the drains, a bathmatt, bath tub suction cups with eye hooks, a mini shop vac, all my gear, i'm getting a bathing system... can anyone think of anything else that is a housecall groomer " MUST HAVE"... I thought of getting one of those pop up mesh tents for picnics, so if i'm doing a double coated dog, hair doesn't get everywhere... they open instantly and fold up quick... and i can just vaccum the hair out and not worry about blowing it all over the house.

    Hubby isn't working, so I don't deal with daycare anymore. and hopefully by the time he goes back to work, the business will be busy enough that I don't have to work during the weekdays, in the salon anymore.

    I hope this is the answer I was looking for... I'm pretty excited about going mobile.

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    I wish I could give you some positive feed back but I'm a salon girl. Just moved my business out of home to commercial shop in Nov 2009. My motivation was an unemployed spouse, so I get where your coming from. Wish you the best and hope all works out well for you.


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      Good Luck! This is something I always thought about down the road when I start having kids! Let us know how it goes =) I love your idea of handing the client a menu before getting your gear, that'll sell those add-ons quick!


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        I can only think of one thing....since you will be hauling alot of stuff both into and out of the house make sure you have a convenient cart to put all of on. Then at the end of the week make sure you have an appt. with a good massage therapist!

        I don't know how you house-call groomers can do it, all of that hauling and then (most likely) bending over a tub and finally doing the grooming.! Whew!!

        best of luck to you, it all sounds very well planned!


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          Every thing does sound well planned!! Once you get going with your house call, you will prob find you don't need to drag in all that stuff. I only take in what I need for each dog. As for blowing out double coated dogs, many of my customers have a patio, or garage so I don't make a mess in the house and I am helping the little birdies with their nesting material!!! My weight limit is 60lbs, I don't do the really big & hairy ones. One suggestion, make sure you have an appointment book, so you can rebook when you get done with the groom. I love housecall,, hope it works out for you! Good luck!


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            I am also going to do housecall. I have been working out of my kitchen. I am not in the postition right now to go mobile like I hoped. I would like to know how it takes off for you. I just decided this week, I will be right behind you in this.


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              thanks for the tips...

              I still haven't decided what i'm going to use for my appointment book... i've always needed one that works for 4 people... but yes, i'll have to make sure i bring it everywhere i go. I plan on buying one of those nice dog show tables with the wheels and handle, so it's a cart when dropped down and a table when set up... but that'll have to wait a month or two.

              I do have my website up and running now... I just tacked it onto my breeding website, so it didn't cost me anymore.


              I put out an add on facebook... hopefullly i get some calls from that, and all my customers will be getting a brochure.


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                Hi poodlestar. Good luck on your business! I started doing housecalls in Jan and am really enjoying it. It is growing pretty slowly, much more slowly then the shop does but it IS growing. hehe. It is really nice to be able to sit down one on one with clients and really have time to get to know them and their pets. It is a different lvl then salon grooming in that aspect.

                Your website looks good. The only thing I would say is the "What to expect" section sounds a bit... strict? harsh? not sure. but there are a lot of things on it that are just understood that I would take out. Like "you must provide electricity" hehe. and the part about the dogs being leashed while bringing equipment in and out.. Maybe it is just me.. before coffee.

                other then that it looks great and I am wishing good things for you!

                Oh. one other thing... you are house call not mobile, so you might want to take out the "Mobile Grooming" part or they will think you have a van.