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  • Who here blogs and

    wouldn't mind giving sage advice? I seriously want to blog but I really don't even know how to get started. Id love a blog mentor Anyone game?

    Is there a way to set up an "ask the groomer" type blog so that clients can submit questions?

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    I have a blog on my website but nobody reads it. I do it for fun lol. I tell stories about dogs I groom. I have only one up so far (booooo!!) but have pics of new dogs and it all figured out in my head, just have to find time to sit down and write more. You don't need a mentor! Just write whatever the heck you want!


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      I love reading grooming blogs... you should post the addy Sarah!


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        LOL no way jose. I think i like that no one reads it.


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          pm me if you want my any of my limited wisdom.
          Certified Master Pet Tech Pet CPR, First Aid and Care Instructor
          "Compassion will cure more sins than condemnation." Henry Ward Beecher US Congregational Minister 1813-1887


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            haha ah well! I some how come across random grooming blogs all the time.. maybe yours will be next.. dun dun dun.. jk =)


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              I had a blog for a while. Just like my diaries I tried to keep, I never kept up with it. I think it's a great idea should do it if you enjoy writing. What you share could really be helpful to others.