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Update On MY Hemolytic Dog Girl

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  • Update On MY Hemolytic Dog Girl

    It won't be a month since specialst visit til thye 22nd and she is now as of yesterdays tests in the normal range of 42%! I am encouraged. We can reduce her prednisone by 1 1/2 AM and 1 Pm all other meds same. I am hoping for a six month recovery and then monitoring her.

    BTW I called my internet provider and for being a loyal customer, they are reducing my bill til October 15th. $137. to $109. every little bit helps. Why not call them and ask. I also dropped called ID for residance as we don't use that phone much. The only calls are to try to sell me something. We are looking to save $$$$ any way possible. This year we vow to not have the A/C so high.