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Wits end....Please help!

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  • Wits end....Please help!

    What kind of daily acct sheet do you use to manage your DAILY cash flow? I cannot find anything that I feel will work for me, so I'm thinking that I will need to create it myself - but what all do you keep track of on the daily sheet? Is that question about as clear as mud?? Thanks for the input! Megan :-)

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    someday I will have software

    but for now I just keep a notebook under my counter. I work alone, I have no retail or add ons. I do give some discounts. my husband does our taxes. so far this works okay. I just keep a list of dogs, the amount of the groom and how much the owner pays and how. check, charge, etc. but we have been talking about, hiring someone, offering boarding (cats only) and some retail. so well need some software and an accountant for all that. there is some good software out there. were looking at kennel connection.


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      You can just use Quicken, quickbooks (around $300 I think) if you have employees.

      My state, I have to charge sales tax and its just me working-owner, lol, so I use Quicken Home and Business 2008 currently, I will update it sometime. It was $99 at Office Depot. You can set up Accounts, sub accounts, track expenses, find out how much your husband spends at the quick shop, how much you spend on supplies, it really does it all. And it calculates my sales tax on my invoices.
      The way I have it is you set up your accounts, I have business, personal, cash, credit sales. When I do a customer invoice I choose which account it goes to. So if they write a check, it goes to business account, cash-I used the drop down box and it goes into cash account, credit-credit account. Basically, I do not deposit my cash but I do keep track and it is in my total income on my reports, The credit sales the same way.
      You set up payable accounts too, your frequents are for example Target, JCPenney, Sears (just grabbing known names), the program will tell you what you have spent at each store, which will also tell you where you need to cut back, LOL.
      I can pull up our local quickshop and remind my husband he is spending way tooooo much money there, soda, snacks, smokes. One month he actually spend $600 at the quickshop. I was able to physically show him he needed to have some control, lol. The numbers don't lie!
      It is really easy to use once you dive into it. Also has a debt reduction planner. It saved me another 5 years of paying on credit cards by maximizing the money I paid against them each month. So say you have 2 credit cards, one interest rate is 9% and the other is 29%. and you pay $500 each on the cards. Using the $1000 a month you spend on CC debt, it will tell you to pay the high interest off first by paying the monthly minimum on your low interest rate card and using the rest for the high one. $50 min goes to the low, $950 goes to the high. Pays it off quick, then you apply the entire $1000 to the low card and boom your out of debt in no time!!!
      Its great for tracking cash flow...


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        Before I went computerized used a book for daily by a company named DOME I would buy it in Staples. It had 2 areas in the dailies one for gross the other for net(-sales tax)I used them for eyars and on th eone page was a column for your expenses for the week.Cost about $12 back then prob about $16-18 now


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          HTOW, I've used the Dome Simplified Weekly Bookkeeping Record for 30plus years. Still $12.00 at Rite-Aid. Has everything you need. Labor and Industries did a random audit of my biz years ago, and she was very impressed with the system.
          Old groomers never die, they just go at a slower clip.

          Groom on!!!


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            I do the same as petpals. The only employee I have is my daughter, and I have no retail so I have a notebook which I use to keep track of all daily activity. I also have the Dome monthly bookeeping record.