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you could not pay me enough money to own a...

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  • you could not pay me enough money to own a...

    Alaskan Malamute. And no offense to those who have nerves of steel and do own them. I will take my barking schnauzers any day! Hey guess what I just groomed, LOL.
    Dog wha wha wha wha whined the entire time, for 2 solid hours while bathing and drying him. Why, oh why do these breeds do this.
    Not real fond of sharpei's, min pin's, pits, lhasas, chows for that matter either.
    Now I get to wait for the lady on a jillion pain meds to call me back and try to get me to either budge on my price (i raised) or ask me to hold the check. Not gonna happen.
    How is everyone else friday? LOL

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    home at last

    I was out of town last week. I asked hubby if he wanted me to change my message or if he wanted to check voicemail, make call backs and book appt. he said he would do the latter. well. I like to be done by 2 on fridays, so I usually take my last dog at 1. and that is how I mark my appt. book so there is no confusion. well. when I left, I had an opening at 11, ( then lunch) and an opening at 1. Hubby booked two dogs at 11 ( same owner), a dog at 2 and a dog at 3:30. I love him so. now I have to tell you the 11 am dogs are an 11 year old golden, and a 10 year old shephard/collie mix. last time I saw them was september.........
    I called the owner yesterday and warned him that I would be charging him extra for dematting. $20 an hour. he said ok. I was actually hoping he would cancel or not show up. he was 20 minutes early. my dad came and helped me out til hubby could come in. both dogs took about 3 hours to complete. he paid and tipped, and rescheduled.....
    my 2 oclock never showed and I rescheduled the 3:30. Im going out of town again next week. should I give hubby one more chance....


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      pit fan here

      but it's ok i guess that's why there's so many breeds to choose from !

      i can go on all day talking about the bad things in my oppinion of other breeds but thank god we all love the breeds we love for our own reasons, i can't imagine grooming 6 poodles a day every day for the rest of my working days! the reason i say this is because in my oppinion they tend to be the most well behaved ones I groom.

      And for the record i don't own a poodle but in my oppinion they are very smart dogs!

      here is a list of the dogs i have

      2 doxies
      1yorkie-x (that thinks he is a pit)


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        I'm willing to bet if I offered you 10 thousand dollars cash a year to live w/ a would find a way, lol!
        I was offered 25 THOUSAND DOLLARS to keep 2 Danes for the rest of their lives...8 years ago. I turned the offer down.

        Northern Breeds are a little tough, no question, but everybody has their "thing". I like those cold weather dogs.
        (Min Pins scare me too. Give me 5 Mals to every Min Pin.)
        Often it's not what you say, but how you say it.


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          I'll trade you a nutty, crying doodle for the the Malamutes


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            Someone brought one in for nails a few weeks ago, we couldn't get within three feet of him with out him losing it and trying to take off our faces, his owner was a big guy and could barely handle him. He still wanted us to cut the nails! I said see ya! My part timer works at a vet office and the same dog went in the other day for shots, had muzzled him but he flipped out again and almost took the vet techs hand off, 30 stitches later!


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              I'm with the Huskies & Mals too. I actually try to specialise in them ( just not enough of them out here to do that * sigh * ) ....I'd be as happy as a pig in mud if thats ALL i groomed. I want to open a special shop just for double coat dogs and call it " The Drop Zone " hehe.
              So here in Aust. its 7.40am Sat morn and my first groom at 8.30 is a Mal ..... too bad i have 3 little fluffy sqwarkers after that .....any takers for the 3 fluffies

              Hey Bernie, i have 2 foster Sibes here at my place. Had them nearly a week now. We are enjoying their melodious ways immensely . I was thinking of re-joining the forum and calling myself ' Half as many Sibes"
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                the danes I would have taken in a heartbeat! but we had one for 10 years, big bad dog, loved her so much. I am just not a pit fan because I really have never been around them and I will admit I am a bit afraid of them, so best if I avoid them. We used to have a husky, omg she was gorgeous, wolf grey, and crazy as a loon. could not keep that dog in a fence for anything, she was a toad too and could flatten herself to nothing to go under a fence. Unfortunately she killed every cat in the neighborhood, and any other 'critter' she could find. She came back after one of her 'adventures' covered in oil/tar and had been skunked-I am sure the skunk did not survive. Anyway, she had jumped into one of the 'tar' pits we have around here in the oil fields. What a day.
                Min pins bite on their nails and you cant get a hold of them
                Chows, self explanatory
                Sharpei's-scare me
                Lhasa's-moody, lol.

                I would like to understand why Mally's and some huskys are so vocal. Water, scrubbing, drying, brushing, wha wha wha wha wha, lol. It almost makes you think you are hurting them. Or they think you will stop if they raise such a fuss. Silly dogs, lol.


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                  Originally posted by DBT View Post
                  Hey Bernie, i have 2 foster Sibes here at my place. Had them nearly a week now. We are enjoying their melodious ways immensely . I was thinking of re-joining the forum and calling myself ' Half as many Sibes"
                  A little birdie told me as much earlier this week. Bless your cold and fuzzy heart!
                  I checked out your website a little while back...and you do a LOVELY job on the furry, double-coated dogs. Just beautiful. I would have posted my comment then,...but didn't want to detract attention from the person that started the thread.
                  Give those Sibes a good swat on the rear from they zoom past you....
                  Often it's not what you say, but how you say it.


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                    I'd probably be the happiest groomer on earth if every Miniature Schnauzer fell of the face of it tomorrow followed closely by all the Yorkies. Oddly enough I love Giant Schnauzers. I can't tell you tho why I find an ill behaved big dog less annoying than a ill behaved small one but then I love Chows and Akitas and really want a Tibetan Mastiff. Guess that's why there are so many breeds to choose from, something for all taste.



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                      Next time just howl along with hairball, they eat it up ! People do'nt want to pay what I think is fair for one so I never do them, don't mind the goofy things. Sibes what is a fair price? pm me so we do nor get oz on us. lol
                      ~~Everyone is entitled to my opinion!~~


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                        Speaking of price...lady came in to pick him up and handed me a check that was already made out for $30 less than what I told her my minimum is. I reminded her that is what she told me she paid at the other shop she mentioned taking him to and that my minimum was $30 higher...oh yeah, thats right...they paid the difference. I think I will not do the dog again, today was the first time I had ever done it anyway. No loss, no gain.
                        Oh and I did sing along with him, if you cant beat em, join em, lol. Still, why do they do that. Little dogs you can get them to stop fairly easily, but not these.
                        And I too have seen the mally's come unglued, I am just not sure about their mental stability. When I get one or a husky I ignore all their little quirky things, but I still keep a sharp eye on them and if I don't like the signals I get, a muzzle is what they get. I guess I just don't trust them.
                        As for schnauzers, I own them and have for years, I do not have too much trouble with them, but I can usually tell whats going on in that brick head, lol.
                        I just do not have a lot of experience (even after 20 years) with the Mally's, and every experience I have had has required a muzzle and hours of work. It wasn't much fun.
                        I did however take the one today for a short walk and gave him a treat, he was awesome then. I even enjoyed our little walk, and then he went back in the kennel and took a nap til his owner came. completely content, lol.


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                          too close to their roots

                          Sibes and Mals are working dogs, who thrive in fridgid cold temperatures, who avoid water like the plague (ever fall in freezing cold water), and who are very wolf like in their pack formations, and communication. Packs communicate by howling. They want to sleep in the snow, and run for miles and miles everyday... Most people don't allow them to do what they need to do to fullfill their breed instincts. They go crazy as house-pets, and howl for their pack members...

                          makes sense to me... but I guess I live in Nothern Canada.


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                            I think about the same as Poodlestar. To a Northern Breed...being completely soaked to the skin seems to instinctively kick in a "I am going to die" inherent response, not to mention...if they are clipped into a tub..."I am going to die and I can't do anything about it".
                            I know that's somewhat anthropomorphic,...but that's been my take on it for 30 years.

                            Terriers are by far my worst "group" to trim nails on...and when you think about it, nails are their primary "tool", and it makes sense that they object so strongly to having their tool "attacked" by chopper things.

                            And yes, I think the Northern Breeds might be just a tad less domesticated on several levels, and still retain some of their "pack" traits...vocalization/communication being one of them.
                            Certain "pack" oriented hound breeds are the same way.

                            So "My genes tell me I'm gonna die cause I'm soaked to the skin and there's nothing I can do about it except tell the world", is my average bathing experience w/ a Sibe, Mal, and even a few of the Sammies I've done over the years. (Excluding show dogs)

                            And Henry...your grooming experience w/ the how every one of mine goes. The only difference between them is do they wear an XL muzzle or a XXL? The ones I do are impatient, vocal, bullies, lol!
                            Often it's not what you say, but how you say it.


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                              lol I've mentioned it before but I have a video of my husky screaming non stop because he's in the tub. Wasn't even wet or anything yet.

                              I tend to undercharge for these northern breeds because I love the dogs so much. I used to be WAY cheap on huskies (think the same price as a shih tzu) cuz I loved doing them.