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    I just got the news that the store will b closing. i have a month to hopefully take over the daycare and grooming or I will b on unemployment. I can't stand that I am going to lose all the clientele that I have built up from the time I came last may. It just jerks my heart out, The are speaking to the owner of the building to see if I can take over the daycare and the boarding, so the I have the job and the rescue animals have a place. But I have gone through this juist last year and I don't know if I can take anymore. I will miss the the animals and the people that have come to trust me It just hurts. I don't know if I can take anymore.

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    That does stink. Sorry! Try to find a way to turn this around to work FOR YOU.

    I had the same thing happen...I managed a boarding facility and was the sole groomer for 20 years. We were given 6 weeks notice in April of 02 that we were to vacate as the property had been sold and settled on.
    This was a small boarding kennel, 48 I/O runs, a great reputation, and we were completely booked thru Christmas of that year.
    It was a rather dark time for me....informing hundreds of owners, not to mention we were not computerized.

    When the dust settled on May 31st...I looked around and there was nothing. No dogs, the kennel had been stripped of everything usable, just an empty shell of a building I had pretty much called home for 20 years.

    So I had a really, really, GOOD CRY. my act together, and started figuring out "what's next"? And here I am, working from home, loving it, less stress, my clients are completely happy, the dogs love coming here...and life is better than ever!

    Now you mention possibly taking over the daycare, the grooming, and you even mention the boarding. Make darn sure that
    A. you are equipped to take all that's a TON of responsibility and you will only be as good as the people you hire.
    B. Will this be a profitable venture for you? I am not saying this in the context of "get rich", but more along the lines of being able to afford to provide quality care to all the animals. It's expensive to run a good facility.

    You should also consider the possibility of striking out on your have a loyal grooming clientele (it sounds) and they will follow you.
    If the place is certainly aren't "stealing" clients.
    Perhaps think about renting a table under another groomer/shop's roof? That's what I did for a period of time, until things were set up here at my house. That way there is no interruption in service to your clients.
    It's also less responsibility on you...just to focus on the grooming and build your business until it's time for your next move.

    IMO...that kennel sounds a little like a sinking ship...perhaps bad business decisions were made, maybe fallout from the Recession?, whatever, but I would urge you to think long and hard before you bite off that big a chunk.

    So wipe off your tears, and start figuring out how to make this truly work to your advantage! Good luck.
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      Long ago

      I groomed for a Pet Shop, pre chain stores. Someone bought it for too much and didn't have good management expertise so they closed it. What to do? I, somewhat hesitantly opened up a grooming only shop a block up. It didn't take to much outlay. There was no "stealing" customers as they were closing. I had a full customer list, and 3 employees. It was great. I broke my wrist and was told no more grooming so I sold it for quite a bit. Multi years later, I'm grooming housecall and loving it.

      So think what you can do for all those customers. Housecall/mobile, home shop, take over or like me open a small place on the block. Good luck.
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        Sorry that you are going through this. I agree that if you have built a good relationship with these clients they will follow you. Don't give up your dream if you are doing what you love. Find a way to make it work. Good luck with your decisions.


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          I had this happen to me twice! The first time I was the sole groomer at a brand new shop. I built up the clientelle for 3 years and one day came to work and the locks were changed! Apparently the owner hadn't paid rent and was forced to shut down! A new salon had opened in the neighborhood two weeks prior so she got my 3 years worth of clients. I went on to a new daycare built up there clientelle for 2 years then the owner hired a groomer still in school for $7/hr compared to my 50% and cut my hours to 1 day a week. They had nothing but complaints about the grooming and had the nerve to ask me to fix dogs. I took this as a sign... I am a talented groomer I obviously have no problem building clientelle so I should go out on my own.... hence the new mobile conversion in the works. Take this as a new door opening instead of something bad happening to you! Good luck!


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            can you open a place close by and inform owners of where you will be? since they are closing I am assuming this wouldnt cause legal issues?


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              hope something works

              The owners of the building will meet this week, and then I will know where I stand. The shop has a good selling point with the daycare boarding and the grooming, and I have my daughter and two more people that will work. What took a dive is the dog training and the retail. She bought to much of nothing and charged to low for trainng. I will not work again with little wifey whose well off husband bought the place so to keep her busy. This is the second shop I have worked for like this. I also will have my son look over the contract before I sign anything, since the owner got jacked when she took it over. That is why she is leaving, filing then start over somewhere else.

              I will keep it up to the man upstairs only he knows, If it dont work out. Hope rescue will have to rehome the rescues and I will take one of the cats to my home. I will take the baby kittens to the pet expo through another rescue. Hopefully they will find homes. I have a bouns coming since they feel bad about what they are doing. But what a **** for the clients that followed me from the other groom shop, now I have to tell them again. And people keep coming in and it like the ones that are thanking me for helping there dog or they loved how I did such and such dog. The people that I trained to take better care of there dogs and listened, or the dogs that sat on my table that were abused and scared, become happy and loving. That is what kills me now!!!!!


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                Make up business cards NOW with your name, amount of years grooming, formerly at suchnsuch place & a current dedicated cell phone and give them to EVERY customer. After the place closes take out an ad in the paper & a billboard. Go from there. Start copying grooming client info now. It isn't stealing if they are closing.
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                  I really feel for you and I hope this all works out. You definitely sound like someone who can take this on, you mentioned how much it would hurt to lose all that you've worked so hard for, trust that you've instilled in clients is the phrase that really stuck out to me. I don't know you by any means but it sure sounds like you've got great plans, have great ethics, and are very ambitious. I wish you the best of luck. Keep us updated, please.


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                    perfect time to go mobile !