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  • sorta OT, hickups

    I have been plagued with hickups most of my life, getting a "bad case" about one or twice a month. A bad case being one that lasts more than ten minutes and are the big ouchie variety, not the cute little ones. Today was the first time I got hit majorly while at work. I thankfully didn't have too much trouble since I was closing so the dogs had left by the time it hit. This case lasted about an hour and it got me thinking, what if i got a really bad case like that on a busy day? I have tried everything to get them to stop and the only thing that has ever worked was when I got hit hard enough to knock the wind out of me. Since I don't think my coworkers would really be up to punching me in the gut I was wondering if you all had any advice. I have been to the doctor and he says that all they could do would be to medicate me for them if it came to that and that they aren't really dangerous unless they keep me from eating/sleeping. They are a few seconds apart and I can feel them before "the big hic" so I am not so worried that I might chop off toes, but it might bother the dogs.

    Also, spoonful of sugar, chug a glass of water, hold your breath etc don't work, I nearly drowned myself trying the second one and no, I have no way of predicting them.

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    OK I also get them bad from time to time and I HATE them!! This is going to sound really funny, but I swear it works (for me), but it takes help from someone else. Next time get a glass of water, have someone stand behind you, and hold down you ear lobes while you drink the glass of water, I don't know what it is about this, but it work EVERY time for me. Let me know if it helps you.
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      i suffer the same thing..huge horrible painful hiccups!!!
      when i get them at work i just say "i forgot something from my car..." and go out there and hide until they are over with!!!
      have never found anything that works..hopefully a suggestion here will help!


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        I care: I would love to hear the story of how you figured that one out. I will give that a try next time I get a case.

        Bosco: I don't think hiding will work when the episode lasts as long as the one the other day, but it is always tempting. I HATE when people tease me about them because they are a bit embarrassing, and they hurt like hell. If I ever find something that works I will be sure to let you know.


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          Here's an interesting piece of trivia, that should be of interest to groomers. Hiccups can be caused by a hair in your ear canal that's touching your ear drum!

          Okay, there are probably as many causes as there are "cures." Most common; over eating, carbonated and alcoholic beverages, and excitement or stress. But hiccups can also be a symptom of something more serious, like acid reflux, multiple sclerosis or a goiter.

          If it worries you, consult your doctor.


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            Try sticking your finger in your ear firmly for about a minute as soon as your hiccups begin. If you wait too long to do it, it won't work.
            This stops them for me every time


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              My MIL gets chronic hiccups and she once had lock jaw. Hub and I always joke about it because she talks A LOT, and very fast, lol.


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                This works for me...

                Look up at the ceiling as soon as they start and pant like a dog (breathe shallowly) until you feel them go away. It sounds funny, but it does work for me. I don't get them as bad as it sounds like your do, though. I hate them, too! Good luck!


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                  My tried and true method is to drink water (or anything for that matter) while plugging your ears.

                  The ears thing seems to be a common theme, maybe we're on to something!


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                    My #1 way is to pour a tablespoon of vinegar and drink it. But you actually have to concentrate on pouring into the spoon, then as you bring it to your mouth, think "THIS WILL WORK"

                    #2 is to drink water from a cup "upsidedown from the wrong side"....bend at the waist & drink from the otherside.

           my co-worker had the hics & went to the deli next store to get vinegar....the deli owner pushed his finger up under her chin for 25 seconds & they went away....but according to him you have to have someone do it to you, can't do it to yourself.

                    Go figure, I thinks it's all mind games....


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                      I forget where I heard this but apparently the cures for hiccups are so numerous because they are psychosomatic. So basically if you believe it works it will work. Since then nothing works for me because I have to "believe" it will work. ha ha

                      I don't know how reliable this website is but it briefly mentions the cures.
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                        apple cider vinegar

                        I'd go with the apple cider vinegar... but if hairs in the ears cause hiccups... it would explain why so many groomers get them. and why pulling ear lobes, plugging ears, looking up, etc, would help... hmmm..


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                          I know this sounds crazy, but I saw this on "The Doctors" and two people in my family have tried this cure and it actually worked. I have not personally had the hiccups since I saw this, but both my brother and sister-in-law have tried it.

                          They said that when you get the hiccups, to hop up and down on one foot several times, then change feet and hop on the other one. Both of my kin were cured before they even switched feet.


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                            [Look up at the ceiling as soon as they start and pant like a dog (breathe shallowly)]

                            My tried and true method combines drinking water and looking at the ceiling.
                            Take a really, really small sip of water, look up at the ceiling, stick out your tongue and swallow the water. It works every time.

                            Let us know which methods you tried and which ones worked for you.


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                              There are a bunch of things here I haven't tried so I will have to give em all a go in turn. Now I almost want to get hickups. Almost.

                              Most of the ear things and the swallowing/mouth related things have to do with the vagus nerve. In theory, you bug that and they go away. In really severe chronic cases doctors actually have tried a vagus nerve stimulator like the ones used for seizures with great success. Hickups really are siezure like - nerves firing when they are not supposed to.

                              Some women actually get them with/before migraines too, and most migraine meds can also fix the related hickups. My family is ripe with migraine sufferer, both my siblings and my mother get them fairly regularly, so I always joke that I got hickups instead. Before I went on birth control I used to have them cyclically when I ovulated and two days before my period started. Now that I am on it they are totally random.