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  • Need some advice

    I have been grooming animals. Dogs, cats, rabbits, and raccoons etc. For about 3 years. I have been doing a home study course. For about 3 three months. I have a 35 ft camper i can use for my shop but i am a shame to have people come and see that i am working out of a camper. The camper looks good it is not a rag we just don't use to camp in anymore gas prices are go high. Ok so til me how you would do this? And when they ask how long i have be grooming what would you said? I am every nerves about how to advertis? Thanks

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    Why be ashamed, alot of people groom from campers that do not run or use them for mobile. Just make it look nice and welcoming and be proud you have the means to go forward! Most or us did not start grooming in a palace. Nor do we now. I would be tickled to have such a great start.
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      You groom raccoons?? WOW!
      Bulldogs are adorable, with faces like toads that have been sat on.


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        Yes step son in law was hunting and found three on the ground he put them back in the nest the next day they were on the ground again. So he call me and hd dove a hour to try and help. We got there and one was still living. So i took it home no hair. And got him eatting on his on about 4 months later. He would play with my white lab they had one and it didn't play. It never enter mind that they would let it run lose and get in the there dog lot. Or i would never took him back. He loved being bushed and bath. He was so much fun.


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          I am still working in my kitchen. I would love to have a place to work. As far as what to tell people, The Truth. Most people don't ask. I have had a few people ask and they don't care that I didn't go to a grooming school on an actual campus. I do a good job and they tell me every time. Good luck!!


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            What kind of grooming have you been doing for the last three years? Have you been doing it personally or have you been charging people?

            I would only count the time you've been doing it professionally. I've been hacking at my own pets for my whole life, but I only count the years I started doing it professionally. Otherwise I could say I've been grooming 30 years.

            But personally I wouldn't worry about the question. I have only been asked how long I've been grooming once in the last three years. If you portray confidence people won't even think to ask, but if you act timid and scared people will automatically doubt you and your work.

            Twenty years does not make you a good groomer. If you are careful and methodical you will do as good a job as anybody.
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