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    So, I know there is a passionate, ongoing debate on here about hourly vs salary vs commission pay. This is not what I am interested in. My situation is that my boss has decided to change over to the "From Problems to Profits" system. I'm open to the system itself, and have read the book. However, my boss has begun to implement the program (rather half-a**edly-picking and choosing what she likes/doesn't like) and has everyone super stressed out/at each other's throats. After seeing her way of treating her employees and implementing changes, I'm thinking about leaving.

    The leaving would have nothing to do with the system, and more to do with the boss's management style and/or approach to implementing changes. I'm looking for firsthand experience, in order to help me decide whether or not I should try to weather the storm (in hopes of clear, trouble free skies) or if I want to jump off this sinking ship.

    I'm wondering if anyone has:
    -worked in a salon that uses "From Problems to Profits" mgt system?
    -did you like it? why? why not?
    -were you employed by this business when it changed from commission (or something else) to the book's method?
    -did the boss implement steps gradually, or suddenly?
    -how was the change handled by employees? did some leave?
    -if you are an owner, has the plan worked for you?
    -does your salon do retail, and does the plan work in a groom shop that includes a boutique?

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    Having not read the book yet, I can't really speak from that, but I can offer some insight from a different perspective. How long have you been working for this same person? Have you always had a problem w/ her management skills, or just since she started the new process? Change is hard for most people, especially when they are not the ones getting to be in charge of the change. I would say if you really liked working for this lady in the past, stick it out, see where it goes and do your part to help get everyone on the same page so to speak. If you have always hated her management skills and this is just the icing on the cake, then sure, look elsewhere.
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      I think what you are saying is , your boss is starting to act like a boss !


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        Originally posted by baddog View Post
        I think what you are saying is , your boss is starting to act like a boss !
        I don't have a problem with her being the boss, I have a problem when she makes changes, then gets all pouty cause her employees are unhappy. THEN, she lets her emotions get a hold of her and treats clients ******, then I get pulled aside by angry customers. I am pretty mad that it was a month of hinting about changes (almost threatening us), then an employee meeting where she broke it all down (changes and timeline for changes) and scheduled reviews at which to discuss our hourly wages. Fair enough... not upset yet, more curious. Now it's been almost a month since that meeting, and she's made excuses to not have the reviews (all should have been done by now). One employee managed to get a review and at it the boss refused to talk pay. at all. When asked about reviews/pay, she makes vague excuses about talking to her accountant. I have tons more examples of flakiness like this. You can be a boss and manage your employees directly and confidently while still being kind, respectful, and consistent, but I don't think she is.

        I absolutely love the girls at the shop. We all get along awesome, and I love my clients as well. These are keeping me from leaving ASAP, but she ls like a toxic family member that causes all kinds of trouble/stress. I've been there since last July, and this weird behavior has only occurred since maybe February. She's acting weird, and I think she's having financial and/or marital problems. This isn't my problem, and it shouldn't be taken out on me.

        Besides the "From Problems to Profits" thing, there are some other big picture problems that make me wonder if I want to settle in here. She didn't do these things before, which is why I think she's having problems. I don't want to work hard to gain clients, if she's being a ****** employer. She's done stuff like shorted people out of overtime, let us get SUPER close to completely running out of shampoo, and just about gave an angry customer a groomer's phone number because she didn't want to pay a vet bill (like she was gonna let them go after the groomer personally over a nicked dewclaw). Also, I'm pretty sure she doesn't have insurance for if something happens to a dog.

        Sorry if that came across as angry/incoherent... I am just SOOOOO frustrated over this.


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          Time to move on.

          It's just that simple.


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            I'm in an almost similar situation. Time to move on, for sure!