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  • What is wrong with people!?

    My poor husband. He had a horrible day and none of it was his fault except the part that he has a gentle, creature loving soul. We live in a neighborhood where it is not uncommon to see loose dogs on the street. We have been doing our best to catch and take these dogs to the shelter before our worst fear comes true. A while back, one of the stray dogs was adopted by our neighbor. However, for several weeks it was still getting out of their yard and we would see it running loose in the street. That is necessary background info.
    So the first phone call I get today is that hubby was riding home on his motorcycle and sees a chihuahua running loose, so he pull over and it runs right up to him. So there he is on the side of the road, and one of our other neighbors drives by and sees him. Mo pulled over and asked what was going on and hubby explained that he had scooped this dog up, but couldn't figure out how to get it home and his bike too. So Mo took the dog in the car and hubby followed on his bike. The dog was super sweet and excited someone picked him up. When hubby called, he had already called animal control. I told him to cancel animal control and we would look for the owner ourselves. Then he told me the dog was neutered, so I told him to take it to the vet and have it scanned. It did have a chip, so he left it there for the vet to contact the owner. Owner was found and the sweetie is back at home.
    On the way home from taking the chi to the vet, he witnesses a white poodle get hit right in front of the complex, and his first thought was the little one the neighbors adopted. So the next call I get is that Prince Naveen has been hit by a car, what should he do? He had called animal control again, but it had been 10 minutes already and they weren't there. So I tried calling my vet and they would not see him under a discounted fee or anything. Then I called the shelter and they said the animal control had gone off duty and we would have to bring it to the shelter. Right when I called hubby back, the AC had just shown up after all. At this point we are still thinking it is the neighbor's dog, so I leave work to meet AC at the vet and hubby goes to the bank to get the owner. Leah swears Prince was locked in the house when she left this morning, so she gives him the key to go find out, and sure enough, he greeted hubby very loudly for interrupting his afternoon nap. So the good news is that it was not our neighbor's dog.
    Unfortunately, someone lost their dog today- he passed on the way to the vet. The bastard that hit him didn't even stop. This is the third dog that has been killed right in front of our place, and it makes me angry. Why can't people keep their dogs confined? What is wired wrong in a person's brain that allows them to kill a creature and not even stop? My poor husband- his cat was killed by a car when we were first engaged. The two cats were playing and one chased the other right out the front door into the street. I am sure it brought back memories of the day he lost Boogs. I was thinking about the poor bearded collie that Sally is caring for. I know some people are truly scared of stray dogs and that is one thing. But the pervasive apathy in our society just angers me.
    I will stop now, thank you for reading.
    It was therapeutic to write it all out. It still doesn't make up for the fact that a dog died a painful death because of a person's utter lack of care.

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    Sorry you guys had a horrrible day. Some people just do not care,some swerve to hit ant animal, and some are so wrapped up in their own cell phone or whatever they never thought about what the thump was. People just do not care about anything but themselves at times. Sucks, hope you 2 have a much better day .
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      Poor little doggie; I freak out when my dogs are TOO quiet and go out back making sure they're still in the yard. Mousse has found his way out a couple times and so has Kloe. My biggest fear is them getting out and getting hit out on the busy road. I have now secured any way for Kloe to get out but still need to fix the back gate to keep Mousse corralled!

      I hope tomorrow's a better day for you guys.
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        I lost my first Cairn Terrier when someone swerved to HIT him. My neighbor witnessed it happen. I'm not a vindictive person but I really hope there is a hot place reserved for them in hell.

        On another note I did EVERYTHING I possibly could to keep him confined in our fenced yard. He was a true escape artist. So not all dogs wandering the streets belong to irresponsible owners.

        Liz, I applaud you are your husband and everything that you are doing for those animals. I know you are very kind-hearted and I'm sure your husband is just the same.
        "The most affectionate creature in the world is a wet dog." -Ambrose Bierce


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          Sorry your husband had such a cruddy day. I never understand letting dogs run loose or assuming they will stay in the yard. I know accidents happen and dogs escape or run off with no warning and I feel terrible for those owners and their pets. But more and more people are getting the idea their dogs can't run loose but why do people think its a good thing to let the cat out. Or that cats need to roam loose outside that boggles my mind.


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            Getting out by accident is one thing. Shoot, Lucy is caught on film being bad after escaping under the fence and taunting hubby. We went to look up our house on Google street view and there she is, up and down the sidewalk. The living poodle was around here for 2 weeks before we were able to catch him. Same goes for the pair we took in together. Same goes for the chihuahua that was ill mannered. I would rather they be humanely euthanized than die the way the poodle did today. If the dog is nice, we make every attempt to find owners. If the dog is aggressive to us or our animals, it goes to the shelter. The poodle that passed has been seen several times recently. The neighbor, Mo, said it looked like Prince, but it was bigger and was not as "happy" as Prince. Prince always looks sublimely happy to be a dog, lol, even when getting a bath. I see dogs on the street daily, and often the same ones. My coworker that I got Lucy from lets her two chi's out to go "visit" the neighborhood in the morning while she gets ready. It is an attitude around here that containing the dogs is not a big deal.
            I am very relieved there were no kids around this time. The last time this happened, the 4 kids were all with the dog and they were coming back from up the street. Neither dog was on a leash and one ran into the street. The kids saw their dog get killed. But really, I am still angry that the driver didn't stop. When we ran over a squirrel my husband turned around to go back to pull it out of the road. It is called kindness.


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              What a heartwrenching thing to witness!

              Happens all too often. We got a new puppy at Christmas with the complete understanding that putting up a fence would be part of the expense. And we live on 40 acres in the middle of nowhere. There are a lot of "wanderers" around here, also. My stupid Brother-in-Law let his Rottie run loose also. Sweetest BIGGEST Rottie I've ever seen. People look and act first and ask questions later. The poor thing ended up getting shot in the head by someone. Made it home, but didn't make it.