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Davis Gold with Bathing Systems

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  • Davis Gold with Bathing Systems

    For the life of me I cannot remember how we used Davis Gold in the system where I used to work. Anyone here use it?

    The bottle says it can be used straight or diluted for a system, so tried it straight and it seems to be using too much product, even with a super high dilution rate set on the machine.

    I am wondering if I should keep using the Gold since it has no scent. I have to add scented oils to it to make the dogs who get a basic bath smelling fresh. I was thinking of perhaps using the Davis Melaleuca in the machine since it works so well, but I am still unsure about how economical this would be compared to a super high concentrate like the Gold.

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    I used to use it in the recirc system; worked great; I didn't add scent, but sprayed dog with Unleashed cologne when I was finished with the groom.
    It did tend to foam a lot, which I hated, had to spray the bubbles down.


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      i use davis gold in my hydro serge 12 1/2 oz to a gal
      star off on zero and agust .i give two baths to each dog i get 50 dogs to a gal.
      try not to add perfume makes dogs to itchy