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Hello from Spikey in Seoul, SOUTH KOREA!!!!

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  • Hello from Spikey in Seoul, SOUTH KOREA!!!!

    Hi all!

    We just arrived in South Korea last night (Me an' hubby), and he's getting showered up for the day so here I sit on the internet, lol.

    We had the flights from hell----you know, a total of 30 hours in the air or sitting in airports. Neither of us seem to be able to sleep in the day OR on airplanes, so we are exhausted. We went to bed at midnight last night and I woke up at 4 am!! GRRRR....

    So then I dozed a bit and we got up at 7 am. schedule is so way off!

    Today we will go to Kyung Bok Palace (old palace from the Chosun Dynasty), and a really cool old style Korean town where we can buy neat souvenirs and such.

    We'll eat at my favorite Thai restauarant (yes, THAI, lol), called Thair Orchid, then tomorrow we will catch lunch, and then catch the commuter train to head up north to Chun Chon (pronounced Choon Chunn), in the Northern province of Kong won doe, near the DMZ. I used to live there and it is my favorite place in all of Korea. I can't wait. We will stay with my Unnee ("older sister"), Kyung-mee, and she is going to take us to Yo-ju, a town where they make beautiful pottery and bowls/dishes, etc... We're going to go to an old Korean village with structures just like very old Korea. We'll go to the East Sea (if you're Japanese you call it the Yellow Sea), and eat Hye-mool-tong (Spicy seafood soup).

    I could go on and on...I love Korean food, Korean scenery, and everything about Korea except the smog in Seoul and the price of our taxi from the airport (over $100!! We were tiiiiicked!). Long story but we had no other option and we were exhausted.

    EVerybody have a great week, I'll try to post photos if I can, but take care and...

    Ahn nyung hee kye seyo! (Stay in peace).

    Tammy in ...Seoul, South Korea
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    Sound like you are going to have a wonderful time. Can't wait to see pics.


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      wow neat Tammy! have fun!


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        How fun

        You get to enjoy it like old home week. Good for you.
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          Have fun, Honey.
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            Make lots of fantastic memories!


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              WOW, hope you have a fantastic time. My neice goes to South Korea every couple of months for work and she absolutely loves it. Pleeeeaaase post pics, here and facebook, I would love to see them.


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                Sounds like you are having a wonderful time, take it all in and take lots of pictures. Come home safe<<>>


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                  Hey, you got there! Hope you get some rest, have a total BLAST!


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                    And safe travels...
                    (side note)...This was a nice post, It's fun to read something different, thanks for sharing.


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                      Wow Tammy! I haven't been on here very much, well just a couple of seconds here and there. I must have missed an earlier thread about you going to Korea!
                      Sounds like you have a great trip planned. Have a great time.
                      I experience South Korea a whole lot different than you did. We were in the Military. Sometimes I think I'd like to go back for a visit but it passes very quickly. I'm happy being here in the good old USA.
                      Looking forward to seeing some pic from your trip.
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                        UPDATE: I am now in Chun Chon (Choon Chunn) South Korea. It's north of Seoul, very close to the DMZ. It's so beautiful here, and clean and pretty and more "organized" that Seoul. Well, Seoul is the opposite of Chun Chon!

                        I'm having a great time. Went to church yesterday in my old congregation from when I lived here. Same faces that I loved so much, but we all lost touch 8 years ago when I left the US (they don't speak much English). BUT---my old Korean boyfriend was there and he and I lost touch about, oh, 5 years ago. I think his eyeballs nearly fell out of his head! He was sitting next to the bishop, so he was at the front, facing the congregation, when I walked in. What a sight to see, LOL. He was a great person and I missed him dearly. He is now about to get married to a very cute girl, so I'm so happy for him. He's almost 40, so in Korea he's a very unusual sight here.

                        We have been eating lots and lots of Korean food, to the point I'm nearly sick! My favorite spicy potato soup, "Kamja Tong", my favorite spicy chicken dish, "Dok kalbi", and my favorite Korean treat, "Pot-bing-soo," which is shaved ice, with tiny, very sweet red beans, soft serve ice cream, and fresh fruit on top. Then you mix it all together. Oh, and really soft, sweet little rice cakes on top too. DEEEEE-LISH!

                        Today we're going to Nam-e-Sum, (Nom-ee-sum) it's an island near here in Chun Chon. Then we might do some shopping at Myung-tong (outdoor shopping mall, very fun, cool stuff).

                        I'll update you all periodically.

                        Tammy in South Korea
                        Groomers Helper Affiliate


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                          Diane (Pixie), I forgot to address your post.

                          Yes, when you go there for military reasons, you see things through a different set of glasses. Things have changed through the years, but the attitude of the GI's here hasn't changed much. They can be a problem, and the Koreans have to live with it.

                          Koreans are not publicly affectionate, yet I saw a GI and his girlfriend (both people I knew) MAKING OUT in the subway. TOTALLY RUDE and NOT OK here (in my opinion, totally rude and NOT ok in the United States too---get a room for cryin' out loud, lol).

                          The Korean's attitude did not develop from nothing, it developed from the Military's lack of educating their members adaquately about Korea. And of course, the Koreans have their fair share of the blame, thinking they are better than others, and thinking that they can take care of the North/South mess themselves, and applying a "hate them all" attitude to all military members rather than the few that make the trouble. They think they have "no" crime here except by military personnel, but I've got news for the Koreans, they may not make a big deal in the news about their crimes, but it gets around. They are as sick as everybody else, lol. Anyway, I think it was the military's failure to properly educate, and the Koreans can feel a little helpless. How do you walk up to a couple making out in the subway??? Some people just have no manners no matter what you do.

                          As a non-military person here, I see things differently. I see both sides a little bit. I also actually made an effort to immerse myself in the culture here. I REFUSED to use a fork, I refused to walk in and think they had to accept my culture instead of the other way around. The Koreans, in turn, graciously turn their heads the other way when I do make cultural mistakes. They forgive when you TRY. I refused to try to get them to speak English to me, but I learned the characters and tried to learn the language to that I could communicate with them. And I don't make fun of their quirky ways, with a few exceptions (We just bought a cute little fork and spoon set for my nephew, it has a dog cartoon on it, and his name is "Booby," ROFL. So we tease my friend that we are staying with about the "Booby fork and booby spoon," LOL).

                          Anyway, I am being called over to the kitchen by my friend, she's going to teach me how to make Chop-chae (glass noodles stir fried with veggies and meat...yum! Great breakfast!). So, I better go get my cultural lessons for the day.

                          Tammy in South Korea
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                            Now you made me hungry! Glad you are having a great time, like alls aid pics will be devoured and appreciated
                            ~~Everyone is entitled to my opinion!~~


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                              Originally posted by odette View Post
                              Now you made me hungry! Glad you are having a great time, like alls aid pics will be devoured and appreciated
                              They'll be comin', but not until I get back on the 24th.

                              Tammy in ... South Korea
                              Groomers Helper Affiliate