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Things that made me laugh this week

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  • Things that made me laugh this week

    On Saturday I had a client with a Rott/Aussie mix (yes very interesting looking dog) and he was to get clipped down. Wanted him to "look like a Rottie". Well, last groom my employee did him and she told me the owner stayed and had to muzzle him for her. So I went prepared on Saturday and discovered they had given him some happy pills. They actually worked, I didn't have to muzzle him at all. But while I was grooming him the owner commented that he couldn't believe how much better he was doing so I laughed and said "It must be my bacon scented perfume". He was quiet for a minute or two and then looked at me and said "Do they actually make that?" LOL

    Then on Sunday my first client was one of my regulars, an ancient Shih Tzu I adore. Well she asked me to groom her fat DSH cat that was getting "clumpy" under the tail. When I brought her back in she asked me how she did and I told her she didn't like me working under her tail (what cat does?) and she did hiss at me. The owner was SO upset. She apologized for her cat being so RUDE! LOL She said that no matter what I had done it did not excuse rudeness!

    And this isn't grooming related, but at the grocery store today my daughter INSISTED she NEEDED lip gloss. I asked her why a 6 year old NEEDED lip gloss and she told me that her lips were all "chattered"! Maybe it's from her talking so much LOL.
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    I had a doodle this week that I had to take off the table to handle another client. I tethered her to the floor. SHe starts jumping and barking for attention I ignore her check out my client. The doodle still going crazy on the tether bouncing around. All the sudden it goes quiet. Turned around and she is flat on the floor and her side just staring at me I swear with this disgusted look and her face I go back to get her and she refuses to move. I won't drag her but I try to get her and she just goes limp I finally reach down to get her and I pick her up and stand her on her feet and just slides down to the floor again. I go to the treat basket and grab a treat her ears go up. I ask do you want a treat and she flies up of the floor and charges right at me. She has alot of character she also holds kennel doors shut. and lay in them on her back with her feet up.


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      Almost spit out my coffee

      Mylady, thanks to your post, my morning started with a laugh. Your daughter sounds delightful.
      Lisa VanVleet, RVT