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Interesting article on breed bans

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  • Interesting article on breed bans

    So, this article is a few months old but I just found it and thought it was interesting.

    Man, I wonder how many breeds would be banned if they asked us groomers about our bite numbers. Cockers? Shih tzus? Shoot..ban cats. =P

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    instead of a "breed ban" we should have a 'BREEDER BAN" AS IN BACKYARD BREEDER! if brreding was regulated better and it cost people an arm and a leg for a licence and classes or something maybe it would cut into the numbers of geneticly unsound breedeing stock people are breeding with.I know there would be people that would sneak around and do it but there ARE a great deal of well meaning people such as my in laws that wouldnt do it without a licence if it were required.they have bred a few of their scotties just because they like to and they can. but most of the dogs shouldnt have been bred because they had temperment issues IMO .and even my own parents....their beagle was a pup from my uncle well his dog has sezures and eventually died from one.when my parents wanted to breed thier dog I let em have it .I let them know how geneticlly ....that dog isnt sound and should never be bred as he could be a carrier of the gene that caused epilepsy.A freind of mione got a pup from that litter that did wind up with epilepsy....its just irresponsible.anyhow my rant is done


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      I totally agree, Ferretlov. I actually have three customers all currently taking part in a lawsuit against one cocker breeder in my area. Get this, all of their dogs have such bad nerve issues with their ears that they had to have the dog's ear leathers REMOVED because the weight of the skin kept the animal in excruciating pain! The parents of the dogs both have this condition to a lesser degree, the owner knows about it, and has continued breeding the dogs! Sickening!