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    I have three clients moving, all three are easy and regular. I am Mobile so am sure they would prefer mobile.

    1. Tallahassee, Fl. Small Labradoodle (only about 22lbs) currently weekly. Groom with a 0comb and has a modified Bichon style head.

    2. Laredo, Texas- Toy Poodle, currently weekly. Had tongue severed by another groomer prior to finding me and takes a lot of soothing words. Groom with 1 comb, no clean face nor clean feet, shorter bobbed ears.

    3. Atlanta, GA- Cairn (the size of a small ottoman) currently bi-weekly. Groomed similar to a Westie, 5 skip on back.

    All 3 pups are great to groom, never have to muzzle or even consider muzzling. Parents are easy and like routine. Please let me know.


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    I love your description "the size of a small ottoman!" We call our obese dogs "coffee tables" Too funny!