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    I don't know if there is something in the air but it seems since last Friday either my dogs don't show up or they come strolling in two hours late. I came in this morning and the accountant told me the lady with the five Akitas would be coming in with two of them,(one was suppose to be here on Friday). We have told the lady that we would only take one at a time since she also wants them to go back to daycare. They have a pack mentality when they are together and then they end up not getting along with the other dogs. Soo I figured ok I can groom two since i had nothing really on the books but the next thing I know she comes in with three,two to groom and one to go back to daycare. Well the daycare dog had to be kenneled because of his buddies were around and the ones I had were trying to tear down the gated area when they are seperated. After six hours and three bathed Akitas(she called later), I let the owner know that she needs to bring them in one at a time on the appointment day because it is to much for the dogs and the groomer.I also let the owner of the daycare, that next time I will refuse them, after looking like I came out of a hair blizarrd she agreed. I only have a bather on friday and Saturday so I am solo. Also she is throwing her money away because the dogs cannot be let out into the population of other dogs to play.
    The next dog someone put in the cage was a dog I waited and called for on Sunday, and was a no show. showed up today, its like magic I go get coffee and another dog appears.

    I don't know hopefully the six poodles I am to do tomarrow show up I have this is third and last appointment rescheduling on them if they don't come in I told them not to call again.