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Question about cleaning, bathers vs groomers vs time

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  • Question about cleaning, bathers vs groomers vs time

    What do your day to day cleaning tasks include for the shop, as non owners?

    Groomers, how long do your end of the day duties and cleaning generally take for the shop? How long are you busy doing stuff after you've finished your last dog?

    I know this is a dirty job, and there is plenty of cleaning to do and plenty to be expected, but since groomers are generally commission based and aren't paid hourly for cleaning and everything, I am curious how you work it out and what is expected. I am not saying groomers only get paid commission for the dogs they do and therefore shouldn't have to do cleaning- I understand some level of cleaning is expected with the job. Just curious where you draw the line.

    How do you decide if a commission based groomer does certain cleaning, vs an hourly bather? What is fair?

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    I honestly think it's more fair to have a bather do more of the work since they are the ones who will be getting paid for it. It should be balanced so they aren't doing ALL of it and so groomers don't get lazy, but it also makes them able to do more dogs and make you more money!

    I am salary and it's just me. I clean as I go, so at the end of the day (and I mean, ALL my areas are completely disinfected and so clean you could eat off 'em) it usually only takes me about 15ish minutes. So I take care of all my mess, but in the past when I've been commission, I would vaccum and clean my general area/workspace, but when it came to cleaning cages, disinfecting the tubs, dusting the general store/shared spaces, etc., that was all the bathers.
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      EXELLENT question when I worked in high production grooming shops this was always an issue


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        One shop I worked at we had bathers/dryers so we were only obligated to clean the area we groomed in and if we felt like making extra we would get $5.00 per room for the other rooms we cleaned.

        Another shop I worked at we cleaned our grooming area and some cages and tubs before we left. We were supposed to all take turns but it never quite worked out that way but it never took more than half an hour. I wouldn't hang around and deep clean for hours being paid commission and not being offered any other pay.

        For some places if they pay the bathers hourly it could get expensive having them hang around to clean if they do it too slowly (LOL)


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          I can tell you how we do it at my shop

          I work at my sister in laws shop. Only her the groomer and me the brusher/bather. We are both always moving no matter what we do it all gets done.

          I clean my tub area.
          I clean the crate room
          vacuum the front carpet
          vacuum the second room

          She is working finishing all dogs at this time. And she vacuums the last main room. I get paid hourly and if I get paid hourly I feel like I should always be working. If I don't have enough time I stay late. Everything has to get done. If said employees can't stay late and have set hours. Then owner is responsible. Commission paid people should still be responsible for there areas.


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            Most places I've worked as a groomer I was required to keep my station cleaned and that was about it. I vacuumed after each dog and I would wipe my table and what not down at the end of the day. All the places where that was all I had to do, bathers took care of everything else.
            When I worked at a vet clinic I was the only groomer, no bather, and I was required to keep the groom room tidy, and clean the kennels. Typically I just vacuumed and made sure my equipment was put up nicely and I would spray down the tub so there wasn't any hair left in it.
            Where I currently work us groomers are required to do all the cleaning and it's A LOT. It's the most cleaning of any place I've worked. We have to spray down the tub and then dry it with a towel (heaven forbid there be a couple of water marks), then we have to vacuum the whole room (shelves EVERYTHING) we also have to vacuum the hallway outside of the groom room and the A/C filter, and the water heater closet. Then we have to wipe down all counter tops and shelves, clean out the Prima system, unplug EVERYTHING and wrap the cords up nicely. We have to empty the shop vac and then spray out the inside, we also have to take the filter off the shop vac and hose it down and leave it in the tub to dry over night. Then we have to mop and take out the trash and whip down the trash can if there is hair on it, and of course clean the kennels.
            It's a lot of cleaning, but for the most part it takes about 20 min depending on how busy the day was. When there are lots of big and harries it can take a while to clean. At first I felt like it was a bit much to expect commission groomers to clean so much, but after looking at the new grooming surveys that just came out my co-worker and I are in the top 8% salary for shop groomers, so I guess a little extra cleaning isn't all that bad.


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              Good Question ! In our salon here (and in both my other business' as well) groomer's get paid on commission and the bathers got paid hourly. In this salon I was thrilled to have been able to design it from the get go however. Before, I inherited/taken over another's design and it was a bit difficult to determine what ended where and what began where.
              By this I mean... in this salon, I designed it to have a separate room for bathing, put in glass French door so I could still see what was going on but the humidity & hair blowing around was kept in one place. The grooming area is in the next area.

              We have a rather extensive employee manual (having a lawyer in the family can be both a blessing & a curse...LOL) In this manual everything is written out in sections and at various places it must be initialed by anyone before they can start working for us. It covers just about everything from sexual harasement to cleaning to equipment etc...

              All groomers are responsible for their own 'space', equipment, safety, etc... just as all bathers are responsible for their 'space'.
              We ask that any visible to customers space be kept as neat, clean & un cluttered as possible. We have supplied cork boards for them to display family/pet photos but their stations must be kept clean.

              Bathers are asked to keep the tub/bathing room clean. This includes end of the day clean up too. IF they find themselves with a bit of time on their hands (a groomer decides to bath their own dog etc...) we have it in writing that they 'can' come out to do any extra little cleaning to stay busy...

              At the end of the day, when all have gone, all pets are gone and we are closed... my husband & I do a complete final clean up. All stall banks are rolled out, wiped out etc... the entire salon is vacuumed once again & we do the mopping & disinfecting. It takes us about 1 & 1/2 hours to 2 hrs... and no I dont get paid for it...LOL. IT is just me being picky I guess.


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                when i was a bather, everything that needed cleaning i was expected to do...clean off the tables after a dog is being done cleaning up any 'accidents', clean walls, crates, bathrooms, ect...Retail section needed to be cleaned daily since it always magically got full of hair...everything that needed cleaning other than the groomers equipment i was responsible for...i got paid hourly, on busy days it was a pain to attempt to bathe AND clean up after the on those days the groomers were sometimes left to themselves and would have to decide on bathing their dog or having a clean space, sometimes they would choose a clean space...

                now i'm grooming somewhere else, when i came they basically said 'here's your room do what you want with it..' we have to do all the cleaning..some days i will just do a quick sweep after the day and vaccum (and clean tubs ect) and it will take 15-20 mins..other days where i clean everything it can take over a half hour...i'm okay with it..It's fairly easy work at the end of the day! also should add we don't have a bather! but we do have a general manager...
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                  I am a bather and I am there till close three days a week. Generally I clean up the kennel room, the bathing room, and run the laundry. Whichever groomer is there will clean up the grooming area and front entry. If they are in a hurry I am perfectly fine with doing more, and if they made a bigger than normal mess somewhere other than the grooming room they clean that up as well.


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                    Where I work we only have have a bather over the weekend, so at the end of the day during the week, the groomers do the whole salon. Sweeping, cleaning tubs, shampoo, towels, etc. When the bather is there she does the cleaning in the back and the groomers will do our areas/front.


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                      We have to clean???????

                      LOL, my shop is a wreck, but I'll be doing a little at a time and then HIRING someone to come in and wash floors and clean up each month. That's what I'm heading for.

                      Sure, daily stuff needs to be done - vacuum, sweep, wipe - to keep things tidy, but if we are being good business heads and have people working for us, we need to be able to afford professional cleaning.

                      That's my take.


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                        Please understand that commission is just a formula for how one's pay is calculated. If you are expected to clean, that's part of your job. You are NOT doing it for free. You are doing as part of the job, for which you earn commission on the sales you generate.

                        Where I work I clean up my own area, tools, tub, etc. But the kennel tech does the laundry, mops, and cleans kennels.

                        It's always a good idea to have job descriptions in writing. But it's also a good idea to pitch in and help when it's necessary, even if the task isn't part of your job description.


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                          I am always floored that people think they can just groom and not have to is part of the job and, as Helly said, Part of what you get paid to do, even if it isnt broken down in writing that way. If I cannot JUST groom and not clean neither can anyone else. NOW that being said, my bather does most of the heavy cleaning, but its because he is done earlier than we are in the grooming area and has no ride to go home until I leave for the day....
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                            well ive worked at 4 diffrent grooming shops...(this current one being my 4th one) and the first one i worked in the bathers were asked to just clean up the bathing room and wash the towels....basically keeping the bathing room clean. and if you felt like sticking around and deep cleaning then that was up to you you got paid extra to do it (ex. making sure the cages were all clean of hair on the bars etc). the second shop it was pretty much i cleaned the bathing room and did a little extra cleaning (she didnt really have much shelf space for me to wipe down) so it was basically cleaning the reception room at the end of the day. the third one was the worst! i had to bathe my dogs, one other groomers dogs, do nail trims, answer the phone if no one was at the desk, check in/out clients, vaccuum the bathing room, sweep all the groomers stations when the hair started creeping out, pick up the hair in their stations and throw it out, vaccuum all the stalls, occasionally (prob. once a week) wipe out all stalls and holding cages in the back, hang towels to dry, at the end of the week totally clean the tubs, vaccuum the filters every night....occasionally the owner would help....and SOMETIMES the groomers would clean up at the end of the day...but there were times id be hanging around waiting for them to finish a dog (sometimes this wasnt until 5 or 530ish) just so i could clean up. and when your doing 8 plus dogs of your own (bath and brushs) washing and drying another 4 to 6 plus dogs (for the other groomer) cleaning everything was just so exhausting!!! and only getting paid 8/hr wasnt enough to deal with all that. so...if your going to have your bather doing all this stuff make sure you pay for it as well!....only one groomer would actually clean her station...the other two were daughters of the owner so they really thought that their **** didnt stink and could just up and leave at the end of the day seeing that i was exhausted and still had to clean...and really didnt care.
                            now its just myself and the owner and we pretty much clean as we go (vaccuum up hair, toss the towels in teh washer/dryer) fold towels, cleaning the tubs out, vaccuuming the shop etc. pretty much split 50/50. this i like alot better.
                            its not fair to put it all on the bathers to clean. it should really be shared by all employees of the business...wether or not your commission,salary or hourly.


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                              I'm going to be hiring a bather/brusher and she/he will be paid hourly. I will expect her to keep the crates cleaned, floor and tub area all clean in the bathing and drying area. At the end of the day I will expect her area to be well cleaned.