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shops with dog boarding/daycare question

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  • shops with dog boarding/daycare question

    ive been meaning to ask this question on here for months but didnt but last 2 weeks at work have been so frustrating,ive determined ive lost 55 bucks grooming the boarding dogs,cause boss gives them 5 bucks off and she under charges to begin with,so ive calculated that its added up to 55 bucks last 2 weeks wich is alot,but i rarely see the boss grooming daycare dogs herself,its so frustrating i feel like i should start looking somewhere else,and to make matters worse boss friend came in with his 165 pound saint for bath and trim,and i had to do it for 50 bucks(i know we cant talk about pricing on here just trying to show how boss under charges to begin with)i feel that if shes giving deals to her friends that she needs to groom friends dogs not book them for her groomers,i really need advice on how to bring this up,before i get mad and blow up right now im just at the frustrated stage
    thank you

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    I agree with you. If I have dogs with coupons I either do them myself or if I get someone else do it I still pay them as if the dog was normal price. The coupon should be on the business end and not the groomer end IMO. You didn't give the coupon she did, so she should eat it not you.


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      we have boarding...

      boarding dogs that are just getting a bath when they leave just get x dollars off, any dog that is being groomed is the normal price.
      i still feel we sometimes get overpaid for baths (ours include ears, nails, brushing) so doing a bath on the boarding dogs for less money is ok for me...
      the one thing that really made me mad is that i never agreed to do a dog for free but they made me because someone bought someone a gift card..BOUGHT it..and i had to do the dog for free...after talking to the owner about this she agreed NEXT time she will pay me for it..(especially since the dog was matted!!!)
      If a boarding dog needs to be washed out because he's full of something the manager will do it...

      If you tell them that if you charge normal amount the buisness will also get more money?


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        Your boss should groom her friends dogs.You should not have to groom that big dog for such little money. My manager bathes her friends dogs,unless they need haircuts then I groom them at regular price. Even my manager's Mother does not get a price cut. She also pays regular price.


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          write it down and talk to her about it. If she wants to give discounts to friends and have you groom the dogs, she should give the discounted rate to her friend, but pay you the full price for your work. Try and work it out if you think it is worth sticking around, each place has it's own problems.