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My cancer adventure continues

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  • My cancer adventure continues

    I have been super busy with big spring hair monsters, so not much time to dwell on stuff.

    DId meet with my surgeon. Hated him.
    Was planning on two surgeries instead of one. NOt a good idea with this type of cancer.
    Medullary does not respond to radiation or chemo, so I have no other option than to do this
    right the first time.
    All the Medullary patients I have spoken to agree with me, sooo.
    I am going to see a new doc down in Cinn. Oh at the Univ. of Cin. On the 26th.
    He does nothing but cancer in thyroids.
    Since most ENT surgeons do thyroids with overactivity, non cancerous nodules, and
    goiters, (overgrowth of thyroid tissue) only about half of the surgeries they do
    are cancer. Out of those, 75% pluss are the lesser cancers. He was not planning
    on even checking my lymph nodes at all. Not ok by me.
    My blood work is all comeing back up to normal levels since being put on the synthetic
    thyroid hormone. I feel so much better. Not like an old lady anymore.
    I have one more to retake to see if if comes up, and I am really hoping it does.
    That would relieve me a great deal. Thats for inflamation and a cancer marker.
    I am hoping the other two procedures I had done in Feb will help send that back
    down to less worrysome levels.
    Sure is nice to know my surgar and cholest. are now going back where they belong.
    No more worries about Diabetes. Yay!
    So, not bad news at all this month.
    Gotta go vac my shop up. I did a Newf. Today, and he was 3 and had never been done.
    It looks like one exploded in there.. Later

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    GOOD for you for taking charge of your own health!
    The first surgeon sounds more like an auto mechanic...good that you bid him adieu!

    Good luck to you Redbird...even tho I don't post on your threads alot...I always read them, keep you in my prayers, and send you strength.
    So ya use it to toss a complacent surgeon out the window?...more power to you!
    Often it's not what you say, but how you say it.


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      Healing thoughts and energy coming your way. Do'nt know why some Dr,s have no "bedside" manner. Hope the new surgeon has a clue how to speak as well listen.
      ~~Everyone is entitled to my opinion!~~


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        hope everything continues to go right for thoughts are with you.


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          Off the Horse. I think Cinci and Louisville both have great Cancer Hospitals. So Your making good choices. Don't be afraid to get online and research all doctors and cancer research websites. Both of my sisters had their thyroids removed and are on a thyroid chem replacement now. Both of them had growths caught in time that turned out to be non cancerous, but the docs removed them not wanting to take any future chances. Luckily from what I learned from my sisters is highly treatable as long as nothing has spread to the lymph nodes.

          Be brave, pray and keep your head up anything is possible and you are the right track by taking charge.


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            I am glad you are going to see a specialist visiting the wrong doctor and especially one you are not at all comfortable with is a bad idea as there is usually a reason you get that feeling.

            I hope the specialist can help you in a productive way and get you on your way to recovery and wellness sounds like you've had a rough time lately.


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              Good luck Red. It sounds like you are doing the right things.

              I hated my surgeon too! Something about surgeons, they can
              be real jerks with big heads and terrible bedside manners. My nurse
              whispered to me when she was prepping me for surgery and he had just
              been in to see me and was pretty rude, "All the nurses hate him, he makes
              our day miserable, but we all agree that if we needed surgery, he would be the one
              we wanted working on us"

              Hang in there!!