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    Hi there, are anybody in a partnership in a mobile grooming business? Just wondering how you split the the profits and how to pay each other.

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    I'm not mobile...but saw your thread sitting there all lonely and such.

    One thing I would strongly urge you to do, as with any type of "partnership", is have the details ironed out by a lawyer.
    It will be money well spent, and a lawyer can pose the proper questions to get the two of you thinking about how you want things to be arranged...just so there are no miscommunications, hard feelings, and 1 person left standing...holding the entire bag of crp if things don't work out as planned.

    I don't want to see the 2 of yous on Judge Judy!
    Often it's not what you say, but how you say it.


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      Have you ever watched judge Judy or judge Mathis on Tv? Most of the time its laughable because its seems like everyone on there is trying to get money back for rent, cell phone bills or hand-shake agreements. Most of the time the judgements don't go they way the planitiffs expected them to go because they didn't have the right paper work, receipts, payment history or contracts.

      So the previous advice about an attorney is more then WELL ADVISED and GREAT ADVICE. So much to think about. Taxes, Tax Right off, Supplies, Gas, Mileage right offs, Maintenance, Insurance, Untiliets (at home filling tanks) clients lists, clinent Records, Insurance both personal, and Professional, Equipment and vehicle Insurrance. How do you keep it all separate.. Do you base it all on percentage of business or 50/50 depending on who's doing better? Good luck!♠

      Lastly keep records, records, records and get an Attorney, Attorney, Attorney.