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  • OT I am SO in the WRONG business.

    So I decided to look into putting my dogsled, a few spare crates, and the dog rig into one of those Self-Storage places...can't throw a rotten beet in this area w/out it landing on the roof of one.

    I don't need much...just a little 5X7 foot "slot" that's secure and accessible.

    The CHEAPEST place I found, and this is for an upper level, no climate control, no piped in Muzak, no large sunny window w/ a vase of fake flowers, no soda machine, NUTTIN,....was.....SEVENTY NINE AMERICAN DOLLARS A MONTH. Oh...and a $22.00 "admin" fee.

    I pointed out to the gal that I just needed it for storage...I wasn't planning on living in it...but she was not negotiating.

    Well, back to Plan B...which involves custom made slip-covers, and unusual shaped, quite uncomfortable, living room furniture with fiberglass runners and wheels. And...the brake on the rig is the guest sitting on the rig can just wheel their way over to the fridge for replacement refreshments.

    $79.00 a month.....jeez!
    Often it's not what you say, but how you say it.

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    Out here in good ol' Wisconsin we have lots of barns and many farmers are willing to rent out small amounts of storage space for very little money. If there's any farms in your area I would talk to them. My partner has a nasty habit of "collecting" cars and having no where to store them so he's made great friends with a ton of farmers and he even has a car in an old chicken coop (obviously a large coop), and only pays $100/ A YEAR for the storage. And I believe that's his most expensive spot lol. Most of these guys also don't charge until you want it out, so if its been sitting there for 3 years, give 'em $300 and you get the car back. Definitely try talking to any local farmers!
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      itsgot2...I tried that avenue with my last sled (sniffle, sniffle, sob.). A thunderstorm/microburst brought the entire barn down on it. (No animals in the barn, thank gawd. Well, maybe a flattened pigeon or 2?)

      There wasn't even enough left of it to make a nice set of beverage coasters......and I had JUST got it to the point that it was perfectly broken in, (sobbbbbbb.)

      I have an aversion to the barn route now, as this "new" sled was a custom made gift, and there is no replacing it.
      Often it's not what you say, but how you say it.


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        Some of the industrial parks around my area have companies that have offshored all their production and the buildings are vacant. Some have been turned into "big toy" storage. Have you checked out anything like that?


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          Originally posted by Doubledogdare View Post
          Some of the industrial parks around my area have companies that have offshored all their production and the buildings are vacant. Some have been turned into "big toy" storage. Have you checked out anything like that?
          Hey...that's a great thought! We have loads of those places can spot them from a mile away with their gargantuan, pleading, billboard size signs...begging people to lease them. FEMA even took one entire I. Park last year.

          I keep trying to figure out how to store it...but MAKE money, like offer it to the local Outdoor Store as an indoor/window display prop until October, lol! Heck...I'll even include some stuffed husky dogs.
          Often it's not what you say, but how you say it.


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            How about a shed for your yard? That is what we are doing,but it is much more pricey than we thought for a decent looking one . About 5 grand for a nice little cedar shed that will look nice in the yard. The storage fees a re awful here too. Since I took over 1/2 the garage for my new mini salon,and brought the stuff home from the big shop my yard looks like something out of a puppy mill. Good vari=kennels sitting in the rain,etc.
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              Do what we do here in WVa. Just take the runners off, stick it up on blocks and put it in the front yard. Plant some flowers around it and tell people "that's my boy's. He bought it right 'fore he up and went'n joined the Army. Ain't had the heart to sell it. Always was a good kid before he got scallywagin' around with that tramp. Got a young'n now and had to join up and leave town 'fore her pappa shot 'im with that ole' gun he likes to wave around."

              ......Well i could go on but you get the point. lol.
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                Pooluv...LMAO, you "puppymiller" you! Yeah, a shed. Hmmmmm. How many sheds would be construed as tooo many? I'm sort of a hoarder...but an exterior one. I have lovely sheds on BOTH sides of the house. 1/2 of my property almost looks like it's actually the neighbor's yard, and I placed that it looks like the neighbor's shed.
                I doubt I could get away w/ 3 sheds. And the 5 grand....gulp, that's like a newish car or something that has an engine in it.

                Contemplated Jedd's idea...but I'd have to invest in one of those beautiful silver tarp-tenty things on cheap aluminimum poles, cuz it can't sit in the elements...then all my neighbors would think I got the tarp-tenty idea from them. Can't have them thinkin that. I'm an original thinker...a "trend-setter" in my neighborhood.

                Keep these spectacular suggestions rolling in...
                Often it's not what you say, but how you say it.


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                  Jedd took my idea!

                  makes a great planter for the yard- get some old tires and split them like daisies opening... seen lots of them on the way down the Eastern Shore...
                  Or since your in Md maybe you can get an old chicken coop cheap...
                  How about hanging it from one of those old tree limbs like a swing or hammock???
                  I have a neighbor who got one of those big square boxes on wheels to put his motorcycle in and parks it under the carport to keep the cats off it - can make a nifty garden shed for the planters too!


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                    Check in with The North Pole. And I mean NP Alaska. They have Xmas year round. I saw it on the Food channel or The History channel or something. They could maybe lease it from you!


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                      I get

                      to wondering about all the people paying so much for storage. So I have a dog run. I don't keep dogs in it, but I put some "stuff" out there when I was getting my house worked on. It's safe from the dogs this way. I put good tarps on the stuff. I hope to get it all sorted out but manana seems to be good enough for me.

                      Hey you could build a handful of storage units on your property and rent all but one, making up the costs.

                      Storage and grooming.
                      Money will buy you a pretty good dog but it won't buy the wag of it's tail.


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                        I despise storage unit!!!!!!!!!!

                        But I have two myself. I have a 20 x 30 ' unit that I keep my AKA workshop/mechanics shop/ corvette in. I have a 1972 corvette that I have been modifying and restoring for sometime that stays in this unit and I do all my other car/powersport upkeep/repair out of this unit; and and I have a lot of stuff aka tools etc here. I also have a 10 x 20 unit that I call the home holiday wife keep happy unit. It contains all of the Chrismas, Easter, Halloween, vacation, camping, Summer/winter clothes rotation, and I'm saving those ♠"Things to give to my kids when they have kids" items. I know its insane. Those two units run me 210 a month, but I'm not complaining. That's a a lot of space and the one unit with my corvette and project space throws in my utilities which is awesome; especially when I am burning up the the electric running my welders.

                        Give your area it seems steep, but the economy has hit everyone hard, check around like I did with some realestate gurus. I called the up and said. Ia am looking for a place where I can work on and store my corvette and other belongings and I'm willing too Pay $. Word spreads quickly. If might be more cost beneficial if you move everything to one unit and loose all the little storage sheds.

                        Good luck.


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                          You could always hang them from your ceiling. They would be multi-functional as decorative conversation starters and a place for cats to hang from if you ever decide to try your hand as a cat groomer.

                          Hope this helps you out cuz :-)
                          SheilaB from SC


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                            OK Bern,

                            You know there are self help books out for hoarders now, or go on that TV show and get some real help! You need to evaluate what you need to keep and what you want to keep..Whats in the sheds you do have? Can you get RID of some "stuff"? If you need help...I'm not that far away and would gladly come down. We could have a bonfire and some Mikes Thingy's. Yeah, that sounds like a party...maybe some others that are close by would partake? We could pitch tents in your yard , would need to be a full moon to make it more funner.
                            We could try for some EVP's and bring a night vision camera for the ghosts...


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                              Some reasonably (insane) ideas here. Thank you.
                     ceilings are only 7 hanging anything except flytape is a no-go. I LOVE flytape...cuz I so hate flies, so it's worth the occassional interaction of the hair kind I have w/ them.

                              Epilady...Hoarders is one of my fav shows. First time I ever watched it...I cleared all of the junk out of my house, and moved it into the sheds.
                              Just kidding. My 1 shed holds my incredible collection of garden stuff, 11 Halloween scaredcrows, and spare wood pieces I will only ever need...the day after I burn them, and... provides home to a tribe of deer mice.

                              My shed on the other side..I built because I was gonna get some Miniature Goats to eat the lawn so I would never have to mow.
                              I put a nice attic fan, skylights, insulation, the works in there, so they could live in luxury when they were not eating the grass.
                              Then the goat lady told me the huskies would likely eat the goats.
                              That was a real bummer and the end of a yet another dream.
                              So now it stores a lawn tractor thingie. And another tribe of deer mice.

                              Oh...and I love fire. I burn all sorts of stuff. Gonna burn an old teak garden bench today in fact.

                              I'm always looking for things to burn. Went kinda overboard lighting up all the limbs that were downed during the blizzard, and tossed my white picket garden fence in too. I'm sorry I did that now. It wasn't necessarily beyond it's life...I just got caught up in the "heat" of the moment.
                              I could NEVER live in a place that prohibits outdoor burning.
                              Some folks have "the need for speed", I have "the yearn to burn". Prolly something to do w/ my name?
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                              Often it's not what you say, but how you say it.