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Intergroom - Thursday Nite Welcome Party?????

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  • Intergroom - Thursday Nite Welcome Party?????

    while I had every intention of being there for the grand return to Secaucus, alas I am leaving after work on Friday to check in on my son at school. As many of you know his dad died suddenly the week before Christmas and he has had a tough time dealing with it so I go to see him every few weeks just for moral support and it happens the only weekend I had off was this one, frustrating.
    So if anyone is coming down Thursday and wants to get together there's a ton of great bars and restaurants right there- even a Jenny Craig if you plan to be good- hahahahahaha- Still keeping off the 28 lbs I lost but the last 15 are the killer.

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    Thursday night get together

    Auntie Beth, I would love to get together Thursday night. I'll be getting to Secaucus sometime in the afternoon.
    Anyone else want to join?


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      Beth, My condolences, didn't hear the sad news.
      I'd love to get up there Thurs, but doubt it's late does the socializing go on? I plan to hit Intergroom Sat & Sun,