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  • They do exist!!

    Had a full coated shih tzu come in today. Just wanted a bath and trimmed to about an inch off the ground. Dog had hair 2 inches past the floor! And get this.... Not ONE mat in the whole coat! Owner spends 1 1/2 hrs everyday brushing her. I didn't think anyone actually did that! You bet I line brushed the heck out of that dog! Thankfully I only made one tiny knot with the force dryer oopsie!

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    Isn't it nice!

    I love doing those dogs I actually have a few yorkies like that...easy grooms and great dogs


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      yeah we have two that come in every thursday (well they are coming in tomorrow cuz the guy had to work) is full grown adult the other is still a pup...but man are they gorgeous!


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        ah, full coated shih-tzus are so pretty.

        If you ever do the dog again I wouldn't use a force dryer. That can really damage their coat. I would towel dry the heck out of her and then just use a regular human hair dryer along with a pin brush. That will help keep the coat looking nice. You didn't say if you used a slicker brush or not, but if you did I would make sure to not use a slicker on a full coated shih-tzu in the future, it can really ruin their coat.


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          If you don't have the patience for the human hair dryer (Lord knows I dont...hehe) I take the nozzle off my K-9 II and affix the hose to my CC clamp. Voila! Insta-stand dryer.
          There are 3 different kinds of people in this world: Dog people, cat people, and rational people who don't have a problem liking two things at the same time.


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            no I didn't use my slicker, wish I knew she was coming I would have brought in my pin brush. I sprayed her coat pretty well when I brushed it and don't think the force dryer really hurt it. Was a lil piece of hair from when I shaved her pits got stuck in the coat. Believe me I kept it far away and still! Finished her up with the hand dryer though, cute lil mop! And she was a wonderful girl, hope she comes back to me