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  • Should I call?

    I have a very new client. I have only groomed her Westie once. Lovely lady. I am scheduled to groom her dog again this Sunday. Well today at McDonalds I ran into my best friend from elementary school and her mom, who used to be the disciplinarian at our school and my client is a teacher there. She told me today that my clients husband passed on March 30. Though he was ill, I am sure it has to be devestating for her. I am wondering if I should call to express my condolences and see if she might want to postpone Rosie's grooming? She may have completely forgotten about it with everything going on as she booked it 12 weeks ago. I feel so sad for her. I'm just not sure what would be the most appropriate thing for me to do. If she had been a client a little longer and I knew her better I think I would definitely call her, no questions asked. Would just like some opinions on the matter.
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    Why don't you call and just say it's a reminder call that you do when it's a first rebooked appointment to make sure they remembered? You can play it off like you do that for everyone if you don't feel comfortable mentioning you heard about her husband's death.


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      I think you should call her. Tell her how you found out, that you are in condolence & ask if she wants to R/S. If not you could find yourself no-showed, not that, THAT is the most important thing right now.
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        I would call

        And offer my condolences and ask if she is up to keeping the appt. Many people deal with grief by trying to keep busy and keep to a "normal" schedule. When my son passed last year I kept on grooming everyday. Everyone is different and deal thier own way.


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          I made a call to the family of an elderly client who passed away and sent a card of condolence as well. It was appreciated, the client's family was happy that I showed concern for their father and his two elderly pets. Make the call.
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            I agree. Calling more for the condolences rather than to find out about the appointment, though. (Offer to reschedule, but that's all I would touch on it). I believe that if you offer that it will be much appreciated, including how you found out.