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    I was thinking (again, I know, I do it way too much) that if there were to be a groomer auction, like they have those bachelor auctions or celebrity auctions, it could be a great way to raise money for a worthy cause as well as help groomers learn new and exciting things (hopefully). I'd be thrilled to bid on Lisa Leady, Chris Sertzel, Ellen Elrich, Dawn Omboy and so many others, just to be able to spend a day with them shadowing and learning tips and tricks. Course that would probably involve some travel, but maybe it could be done at shows where the time spent with the auctionee could also happen at a show location. I don't know, I just thought it would be a fun idea, seeing some of the best groomers in the industry up on the catwalk with people bidding on the chance to spend a day with them. Of course, with Ellen, I'd want to do a ride along and just see her mobile business in action. Now someone find a worthy cause so I can start bidding!
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    Groom Team did have an auction of a day with groomers. Last year at All American it started, and they continued it on their website. I got Veronica, still need to get my butt up there for my lessons! It was to raise money for the team to travel.
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      mylady what a great idea!!! So does anyone know will the groom team be doing it again and if so where?